Man and Superman Character Descriptions

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Roebuck Ramsden - This character is the quintessence of the well-to-do gentleman.

The Devil - This character is the suave and sophisticated host of Hell and the alter ego of Mendoza.

Duval - This character is one of the bandits, a Frenchman, who helps Mendoza waylay travelers to hold them for ransom.

Violet - This character is Octavius' sister.

Jack - This character would prefer to spend his days philosophizing about life rather than living it.

Hector Malone - This character is an American traveling in Europe who falls in love with and secretly marries Violet.

Mendoza - This character is a Jewish Spaniard, a former waiter, and now leader of a band of vagabonds with an imposing Mephistophelean affectation.

Miss Ramsden - This character is Roebuck's maiden sister.

Octavius - This character is a rather simple and idealistic soul.

Enry Straker - This character is...

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