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• Shaw writes to Walkley.

• Shaw explains his intentions.

• Shaw is interested in examining male/female relationships.

• Shaw is often thought of as a feminist.

• Marxism is one of the author's passions.

• The author analyzes the role of the writer in regards to roles of a traditional woman.

• Shaw compares his ideal to the work of other writers.

• Shaw also studies philosophy.

• Shaw believes that society has given into decadence.

Act 1

• Reader is introduced to Roebuck Ramsden.

• Octavious Robinson enters and expresses grief over the death of Whitefield.

• Ramsden comforts Robinson and suggests that he marry Ann Whitefield.

• Ramsden also warns Robinson to cut himself off from the troublesome Jack Tanner.

• Tanner arrives with Ann and her mother to visit Ramsden.

• Ramsden and Tanner have been named joint guardians for Ann.

• Tanner wants out of the obligation.

• Tanner suggests that Robinson marry Anne.

• Robinson fears rejection.

• Violet is...

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