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Short Answer Questions

1. How many mental phases does the author claim that concentration camp prisoners go through?

2. Under what conditions does Frankl describe the SS beating prisoners?

3. What did Frankl learn happened at Auschwitz after he left?

4. How did Frankl earn the favor of "The Murderous Capo"?

5. What were the exceptions to the "cultural hibernation" in camp?

Short Essay Questions

1. Frankl writes that because of the harsh realities of camp life and the "constant necessity of concentrating on the task of staying alive," some of the prisoners "regressed" to a more primitive form of mental life. How does he see this manifest itself?

2. What were the beatings like in the concentration camp? What does Frankl argue was the worst part of these?

3. According to the first section of the text, "Experiences in a Concentration Camp," what advantages did the Capo have over normal prisoners?

4. How did the Capo alter the normal reactions of those prisoners assigned to clean latrines?

5. After the initial mental phase that was characterized by shock, what characterized the second phase that Frankl noticed in his fellow prisoners and in himself?

6. According to Frankl, what characterizes the prisoners' thinking when they first arrive at camp?

7. What does Frankl claim is the difficulty of his attempt at a methodical presentation of the psychology of the prisoner?

8. What does Frankl write about the sense of humor that developed in the concentration camp?

9. In the section on "Experiences in a Concentration Camp," Frankl describes a physical condition that affected "nearly all the camp inmates." What was this condition? How did it affect Frankl?

10. What were the initial conditions of camp life for the prisoners that arrived to Auschwitz with Frankl?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Frankl characterize freedom? How do conditions affect freedom? What does he describe as the ultimate freedom?

Essay Topic 2

Frankl writes, "Noogenic neuroses do not emerge from conflicts between drives and instincts but rather from conflicts between various values; in other words, from moral conflicts, or, to speak in a more general way, from spiritual problems." What role do Noogenic neuroses play in his theory of logotherapy?

Essay Topic 3

In the preface to Man's Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy, Dr. Gordon W. Allport writes, "Somewhere beyond the midpoint of the story Dr. Frankkl introduces his own philosophy of logotherapy." Do you believe that the use of Frankl's personal history, and the examples from the time he spent in concentration camps, adds to or takes away from his description of logotherapy? Would you understand logotherapy in the same way without this background?

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