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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Experiences in a Concentration Camp" (through page 72).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What job do those who greet the prisoners as they arrive to the concentration camp do?
(a) They decide which women are not strong enough to work.
(b) They find prisoners who are willing to lie about their identities.
(c) They take charge of the belongings of the new arrivals.
(d) They separate the sick from the fit.

2. What kind of event does the author attend with the camp's chief officer?
(a) A meeting where SS officials discuss punishment.
(b) A medical presentation on Measles.
(c) A seance.
(d) A private meal.

3. How did Frankl earn the favor of "The Murderous Capo"?
(a) He applauded him.
(b) He gave him psychological advice.
(c) He held his hand.
(d) He spoke to him of hope.

4. How were the Capos chosen?
(a) They were randomly chosen from groups arriving by train daily.
(b) They were chosen for their height, as the work that they did required tall men.
(c) They were the prisoners who were seen as having a suitable character for the job.
(d) They were chosen according to their phyiscal strength.

5. What did Frankl learn happened at Auschwitz after he left?
(a) Cannibalism broke out.
(b) Prisoners killed an SS officer.
(c) Frankl's friend broke his leg and was sent to the gas chamber.
(d) There was a fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. Under what conditions does Frankl describe the SS beating prisoners?

2. What does the author think about during difficult moments?

3. How were prisoners identified?

4. What characterizes the second phase of a prisoner's mental state?

5. Frankl was sent to another camp after his stay in Auschwitz. Why were the prisoners there pleased?

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