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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Experiences in a Concentration Camp" (through page 45).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the friend of the author, who "smuggled himself" into the author's hut, suggest that the prisoners try to stay alive?
(a) He offers them tips to get more food at meal time.
(b) He suggests that they never speak around SS officers.
(c) He recommends that they sleep every moment that they get a chance, to be energetic in their work.
(d) He recommends they shave, to look younger, and that they avoid showing discomfort to appear more fit.

2. Why does the author, himself a concentration camp survivor, write, "We know: the best of us did not return"?
(a) The author feels that the most defiant prisoners, those who stood up to the SS officers, were immediately killed.
(b) The author believes this because the prisoners kept themselves alive by brutally and dishonestly fighting for their existence.
(c) The author claims that this is the case because he deeply misses his family members who died at Auschwitz.
(d) This quote is taken from a paragraph in which the author writes that the humblest prisoners were the earliest to be killed by the SS officers.

3. Who is this book most concerned with?
(a) The Nazi leadership, and the way in which they made decisions regarding the fate of the concentration camps.
(b) Hitler himself.
(c) The "great army of unknown and unrecorded victims."
(d) The Capos -- "prisoners who acted as trustees, having special privileges."

4. Why did the Capo in the author's working party do him favors?
(a) The author aided him in finding the strongest men to work on his team.
(b) The author was his doctor before he was put in prison.
(c) The author listened to his marital problems and offered psychotherapeutic advice.
(d) This Capo favored him because they were from the same hometown.

5. When the author arrived to the concentration camp, the group of arrivals were separated into two lines. What happened to these two groups?
(a) One group was sent to the men's quarters, while the other group was sent to women's quarters.
(b) One group was used to work. The other group was killed.
(c) One group was destined to work inside. The other group was destined for heavy labor.
(d) One group was sent on another train, while the group the author was part of remained at the same camp.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the author claim that most of the extermination took place?

2. What kind of outbreak affected the prisoners at the author's camp?

3. Who narrates this story?

4. What concentration camp does the author describe traveling to?

5. When was there a free fight among the prisoners?

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