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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Experiences in a Concentration Camp" (through page 45).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are "premium coupons"?
(a) Raffle tickets given to the SS guards to award them things previously owned by the prisoners.
(b) These were certificates from the SS guards, and were awarded to prisoners who arrived to work before the morning bell rang.
(c) These came from the construction firm that hired workers through the prison, and could be used to buy days off work.
(d) These came from the construction firm that hired the workers from the prison, and could be exchanged for cigarettes.

2. What is the principal question that the author tries to address?
(a) "Why did so many people follow such an extreme leader?"
(b) "How was everyday life in a prison camp reflected in the mind of the average person?"
(c) "What early childhood trauma may have prompted Hitler to his terrible ideas?"
(d) "Why did the atrocities in the concentration camps go on for so long?"

3. Who narrates this story?
(a) A concentration camp survivor.
(b) A woman who hid Jews in her home to save them from the concentration camps.
(c) A woman who claims to have grown up with Hitler.
(d) A former Nazi.

4. Where does the author claim that most of the extermination took place?
(a) In small camps.
(b) During mass transport, on the road to the camps.
(c) In the big, famous camps.
(d) In camps in northern Europe.

5. Who greets the prisoners upon their arrival at the concentration camp?
(a) The director of the camp.
(b) Cheerful prisoners speaking different languages.
(c) An unidentified man who directs the prisoners to form two separate lines.
(d) Cruel SS guards with dogs.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did prisoners experience beauty?

2. Who does the author claim entertained thoughts of suicide in the concentration camp?

3. What were the wishes and desires of prisoners?

4. What concentration camp does the author describe traveling to?

5. When was there a free fight among the prisoners?

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