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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mars Bar challenge Maniac to?

2. What does Mars Bar call Maniac when they meet again in chapter 38?

3. Who comes running up to Maniac after the race with Mars Bar is over?

4. What makes Maniac run from the graveyard?

5. What actually keeps the McNab boys going to school?

Short Essay Questions

1. In January, after Grayson's death, where does Maniac live and how does he take care of himself?

2. What part of the day does Maniac enjoy the most and why now that June was on its way?

3. How do Maniac and Mars Bar find their way back into each other's lives?

4. Why does Maniac take Mars Bar to the Pickwells?

5. How is the race between Maniac and Mars Bar uncharacteristic of Maniac?

6. What precious gift does Grayson give to Maniac for Christmas and how does it affect Maniac?

7. Who saves Maniac from freezing to death and how do they go about it?

8. What comparison does Maniac make between the Pickwells and the Beales in chapter 40?

9. How does the situation with Mars Bar climax at Piper's birthday party and how does Mars Bar deal with it all?

10. What heroic feats does Maniac perform for Russell and Piper?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are the flashbacks in the novel? What is the author's purpose in using the flashbacks?

Essay Topic 2

Maniac Magee wonders why Black people are described as being black. How would Maniac rather they be described and what does this say about how Maniac views the stereotype?

Essay Topic 3

The nickname of the Maniac helps turn him into a legend. How so? Use specific examples from the novel. How is this legendary status a drawback for Maniac?

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