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This is the place where Magee lived with his parents before they died.

P&W Trolley Bridge

This is where Russell McNab is stuck and is saved by Mars Bar.


This is the where Magee lives when he stays with his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan.

West & East End

In the town of Two Mills, there are these sections.

The Finsterwalds' Property

This mysterious place strikes fear in many of the children of Two Mills.

The Pickwells' Home

This is where Maniac eats spaghetti dinner with a lot of children.

The Beales' Home

This is the first place that Magee stays when he first comes to the town of Two Mills.


This is where Grayson lives.

Band shell

This place is where Magee and Grayson live until Grayson's death.

The Buffalo Pen

When Magee is in between homes, he can often times be found sleeping...

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