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Bridgeport - This is the place where Magee lived with his parents before they died.

P&W Trolley Bridge - This is where Russell McNab is stuck and is saved by Mars Bar.

Hollidaysburg - This is the where Magee lives when he stays with his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan.

West & East End - In the town of Two Mills, there are these sections.

The Finsterwalds' Property - This mysterious place strikes fear in many of the children of Two Mills.

The Pickwells' Home - This is where Maniac eats spaghetti dinner with a lot of children.

The Beales' Home - This is the first place that Magee stays when he first comes to the town of Two Mills.

YMCA - This is where Grayson lives.

Band shell - This place is where Magee and Grayson live until Grayson's death.

The Buffalo Pen - When Magee...

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