Manhunt Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Alex decide to move to Alaska?

Alex moves to Alaska because her job back home is too stressful. Alex is the junior vice president of a corporation, so she is suffering burnout at the beginning of the novel. To relieve her stress, she decides to settle down and live a simple life in Alaska. Alex buys a hardware store, as she feels this will be far less stressful than the high-powered life she was living in New Jersey.

2. What does Casey misunderstand when he first encounters Alex?

When Casey first encounters Alex, he mistakenly thinks that she is trying to drown her dog. While Alex is trying to coax Bruno with a doughnut, it gets knocked into the water. Bruno quickly jumps into the water to retrieve the doughnut. From where Casey is standing, it appears as if Alex was trying to get her dog to jump into the cold waters purposefully. This leads Casey to think that she is trying to drown her dog.

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