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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Six.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of man is Alex not interested in?
(a) A man who has spent his life in a stressful office.
(b) A man who doesn't make enough money to support a family.
(c) A man who classifies himself as the adventurous type.
(d) A man who is older than 40 and younger than 25.

2. What does Casey suggest Alex do with the hardware store?
(a) Turn it into an all-around sporting goods store.
(b) Close it down.
(c) Sell it.
(d) Turn it into a coffee shop.

3. Why is Casey in a hurry to get to work in Chapter 5?
(a) Casey is late for a meeting.
(b) The workers have gone on strike.
(c) A plane has been damaged.
(d) A pilot has called in sick.

4. What kind of man does Alex hope to find?
(a) A dull man.
(b) A manly man.
(c) An exciting man.
(d) A family man.

5. What does Alex look forward to in Chapter 5?
(a) Alex looks forward to the tests that the Alaskan life brings.
(b) Alex looks forward to seeing the moose.
(c) Alex looks forward to showing the improved cabin to Casey.
(d) Alex looks forward to the Alaskan winter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Alex go to Casey's the morning after her first night?

2. What electrical item does Alex tell Casey she does not use?

3. According to Casey, what walks across the muskeg every morning?

4. What does Casey tell Alex to do at his house after he leaves in Chapter 2?

5. How does Alex try to bribe her dog?

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