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Juneau Waterfront

This is the port where Alex and Casey first encounter each other.

Candy Apple Red BMW Sports Car

This object is owned by Alex and proves near useless on the Alaskan roads.

New Jersey Condo

This is what Alex lived in before moving to Alaska.

Hardware Store

This place is out of date and poorly stocked.


This is a type of grassy bog that covers much of the Alaskan territory.

Leopard Print Toilet Seat

Casey buys this for Alex's outhouse.

Red Down Comforter

Casey buys this for Alex's bed.


Alex burns this place down.

Stuffed Grizzly Bear

Casey brings Alex this gift, but Andy likes it more.


Alex lures Casey to her house by claiming to need help with this appliance.

Airfare Bill

This item tells Alex that Casey is responsible for Harry's return to Alaska.

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