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Lesson 1 (from Prologue and Chapter One)


The novel, "Manhunt" by Janet Evanovich is an example of a romance novel, for it contains the classic elements required to be considered a part of the genre. For example, a romance novel must include a love story that results in a happy ending. This lesson discusses the genre of the novel "Manhunt."


1) Library research: Have students research the romance novel genre. What are the characteristics of a romance novel? How are romance novels viewed by the literary world? What makes "Manhunt" a romance novel? Have students write an essay on what makes "Manhunt" a romance novel.

2) Presentation: Using the research from #1, have students do a short presentation on the romance novel and whether or not it is a respected genre in the literary world.

3) Writing assignment:

a) Using the research from #1, have students choose a handful of the more popular romance novels and compare...

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