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Before and After

Design outfits that reflect the wardrobe of Alex both in New Jersey and Alaska. Choose one and make the outfit.


Choose a favorite scene from the novel and rewrite it set in another time and/or place, or written in a different literary style.

Wedding Vows

From either Alex's or Casey's perspective, compose the wedding vows that he or she would say at their wedding.

Acrostic Poem

An acrostic poem is a poem in which the first letters of a line or paragraph combine together to spell another word or message.

Create two acrostic poems using any of the following words: "Alex", "Casey", "Bruno", "Alaska", "Cabin" as the topic of the poem as well as the word which each line/paragraph of the poem will join to spell out.

Game Show

Divide the class into two teams. Have each team come up with a...

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