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Essay Topic 1

Alex and Casey face many hurdles on their way to a lifetime of happiness together.One of the largest hurdles is Casey's fear of commitment. Discuss why Casey fears commitment and how he overcomes this fear.

Essay Topic 2

The novel "Manhunt" is an example of a romance novel. Discuss the characteristics of the romance novel and why "Manhunt" is an example of this genre.

Essay Topic 3

Marriage is a constant element of the novel "Manhunt", as it is the reason that Alex chooses Alaska as her new home. Discuss the purpose and role of marriage in the novel "Manhunt".

Essay Topic 4

The author of "Manhunt", Janet Evanovich, is more well-known for her mystery novels rather than her work in the romance novel genre. Discuss her previous work and how "Manhunt" compares to her other work.

Essay Topic 5

The novel "Manhunt" is written in third-person point of...

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