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Prologue and Chapter One

• Alex quits her job as a junior vice president.

• Alex moves to Alaska to work at a hardware store she has bought.

• At the dock in Alaska, Alex's dog, Bruno, jumps into the cold water.

• Alex jumps in to save her dog, prompting Casey to follow suit.

• A life preserver breaks Casey's nose.

• Alex is unable to find her rescuer to thank him.

• Alex sees her land for the first time and its condition dismays her.

• Alex is impressed with the view and the mountain range.

• Casey is perturbed that Harry would sell his cabin to a woman like Alex.

• The cabin is not in good condition.

Chapter Two

• Alex, Casey and Bruno explore the cabin.

• The cabin and its contents are in poor condition.

• Alex is delighted by the sunset and the news that a moose passes by each morning.

• Alex realizes that...

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