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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jimmy want to go when he sees the French boat in the harbor?

2. As Ellen walks along Eighth Street to Dick Snow's office, what song does she hear a grind organ playing?

3. Anna's mother scolds her in what language besides English?

4. What were Babylon and Nineveh built out of, according to Stan?

5. What does George Baldwin think will happen as a result of the war?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Ellen is having their baby, why does Jimmy think she is going to die?

2. What are the virtues of its tobacco extolled by the Socony company?

3. What does George tell Phil in regards to Elaine?

4. What does Stan say to himself in the mirror regarding his marriage?

5. How does Pearline normally feel about fires?

6. What does Anna's mother say when she scolds her for her line of work?

7. When a shower of petals flutters all over the table at the roadhouse, how does Ellen react?

8. What doe Phil think will happen if he can sell his tiles to architects?

9. What does Dick Snow say about Ellen's divorce?

10. How does George declare his feelings for Elaine at dinner?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe how Jimmy Herf lets go of Ellen. How does he feel about losing her? What is her reaction?

Essay Topic 2

Ellen Thatcher goes by many names in the book. Discuss and analyze the names she goes by and what is happening in her life at the time of each change.

Essay Topic 3

Describe Congo's outlook on life and how he progresses throughout the book. Does he retain his sense of humanity? Why or why not?

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