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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Congo lose his leg?
(a) On Mont Tomba, Italy.
(b) In a circular saw accident in Switzerland.
(c) In a hunting accident.
(d) Running after trains.

2. Dick Snow's mother owns what kind of factory?
(a) Cosmetic.
(b) Chewing gum.
(c) Shoebox.
(d) Diaper.

3. What does George Baldwin think of Washington?
(a) It is a greasy backwater.
(b) It is the center of sin.
(c) It is the key to his political career.
(d) It is the best place to get pie.

4. Where does Jimmy tell Tony to go when he questions his sexuality?
(a) To the country.
(b) To a psychoanalyst.
(c) To San Francisco.
(d) To Crete.

5. What does George Baldwin think will happen as a result of the war?
(a) The Stock Exchange will close.
(b) There will be a food shortage.
(c) His wife will go crazy.
(d) His gold futures will go through the roof.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jimmy Herf offer his cousin, Joe Harland, in Chapter 11?

2. To whom does Stan refer when he is trying to light himself on fire?

3. What dish does Ellen send away form the table?

4. What does Harland say of the photographs in the paper?

5. What are the women who followed the armies in the French Revolution called (a reference to Ellen's feelings for Stan)?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Congo's line of work and how is he faring?

2. What does Jimmy say about his job at the Times?

3. Why does Stan throw the chair through the window of his apartment?

4. What does Jimmy say to Congo concerning their comparative social status?

5. What does Anna's mother say when she scolds her for her line of work?

6. What does Jimmy say gives him goose flesh as he talks to Tony Hunter about stories in the paper?

7. Why does Joe Harland tell Jimmy to be careful what he does?

8. How do the people at the Louis Expresso Association's Annual Dance react to Gus McNeil's presence?

9. What does Congo say of Jimmy's life experience?

10. What does Dick Snow say about Ellen's divorce?

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