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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jimmy call his mother?
(a) Muddy.
(b) Mumu.
(c) Mother Dearest.
(d) Momma.

2. Who does Phil Sandbourne think has done more for the city of New York than any other man living?
(a) Henry Ford.
(b) Joe Harland.
(c) Andrew Carnegie.
(d) Stanford White.

3. When Bud is on the Brooklyn Bridge, what does it sound like when a car goes by?
(a) A bucket of nickels.
(b) A pile of piano wires.
(c) A room full of crickets.
(d) A shaken banjo.

4. What is the motto above the man's head in the King C. Gillette ad?
(a) No cuts no guts.
(b) Be the King!
(c) Sharp as a tack.
(d) No stropping no honing.

5. What color is Jimmy Herf's wallpaper?
(a) The dead green of Poland Water bottles.
(b) Cold as ice blue.
(c) The ochre yellow of stale beer.
(d) The pink of the evening sky.

Short Answer Questions

1. Morton signs the bill making New York what?

2. Who tells Emile she will never put herself in a man's power again?

3. Where is the yellow-painted drugstore that the man at the end of Chapter 1 goes to?

4. What does the lady with the pink cameo actually give Bud for moving the coal?

5. What does the burglar, Nicky Schatz, end up with when he gets home from the burglary?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why doesn't Jimmy's mother ever laugh anymore the week before he goes back to school? How does he react?

2. What does the man with the cauliflower face complain about when Congo arrives to talk to Emile?

3. What does Stan say when Elaine tells him his drinking is beyond a joke?

4. Why does the nurse have to give Susie a sedative?

5. What does Jimmy's mother tell him when he burns his tongue on hot mustard?

6. Where does Stan think Elaine should live instead of with all the actors?

7. Why can't Jimmy remember how his mother used to look when he is near the cemetery?

8. Who does George Baldwin have lunch with after encountering Mr. Emery of Emery & Emery on his way out of his office building, and what does he tell this person?

9. What does Phil Sandbourne say of a man's morals as he is talking to Hartly?

10. Why does the barkeep at the saloon tell Thatcher that it is no good to save money?

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