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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Ferryslip)


Chapter 1, Ferryslip

The author describes people pressing through the ferry house tunnel as "crushed and jostling like apples fed down a chute into a press". This lesson is on Simile.


1) Class Discussion: What is Simile? What does the author mean by the people being "crushed and jostling like apples fed down a chute into a press"?

2) Journal: How does the author describe the newborn baby squirming in cotton wool? How does this statement set the scene for the book?

3) Groups: Another simile in the chapter describes Ed Thatcher looking out a hospital room window. Find the simile there. Discuss what the author means by it, including the time of day and the situation with his wife.

4) Homework Assignment: At the end of the chapter, a man is shaving and the author describes his wife reacting to his newly-shaved chin. What is the simile and how...

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