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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Charlie recount telling his brother-in-law to do?
(a) Take a cab to the Brooklyn Bridge and jump in the water.
(b) To take a hike.
(c) Take a cab to Central Park and jump in the water.
(d) To kill himself.

2. Before the tape cuts out, what does Marco tell Raymond to do?
(a) Scrap the whole plot and listen to his new orders.
(b) Unprogram himself.
(c) Save himself.
(d) Continue with his original plan.

3. What does the White House find it necessary to do?
(a) Disavow Mrs. Iselin as an official ambassador of the United States senate.
(b) Bring Mrs. Iselin home.
(c) Send the FBI to capture Mrs. Iselin.
(d) Support Mrs. Iselin's decisions.

4. What does Jocie tell the agent?
(a) Raymond was cold to her.
(b) Raymond believed himself to be invisible.
(c) She never liked Raymond.
(d) Raymond was a kind man.

5. What do the Iselins do to assure Johnny will be nominated vice-president?
(a) They rig the votes.
(b) They make empty promises.
(c) Work behind the scenes.
(d) They encourage voters to choose him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Meanwhile, what does Senator Jordan express for his colleague Johnny Iselin?

2. As they sip wine, what does Raymond notice about his mother?

3. Why does Raymond's mother drug herself?

4. How must Marco appear?

5. As she is speaking, what does Raymond's mother realize about him?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Shaw's assassin mind-set triggered?

2. What has happened to Marco?

3. What takes place during the first days of the ceremonies?

4. How does the scene begin, prior to the shooting?

5. How does Raymond react when his mother schemes to announce Jocie's return to the United States through the Society pages of Raymond's own paper, without informing her son of the development? How does she respond to him?

6. How does Shaw feel about what he has heard from Marco and the G-men?

7. How does the book end?

8. What does Eleanor think about Raymond being an assassin?

9. How does Senator Jordan upset Shaw's mother?

10. What does Raymond do to Jocie?

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