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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Raymond's mother ask Jocie's father?
(a) If he is feeling alright.
(b) If he would support Iselin in becoming vice-president.
(c) If he has seen her husband this evening.
(d) If he would attempt to block Iselin from becoming vice-president.

2. When they leave the zoo, what happens to Marco?
(a) Chunjin speeds by and hits Marco with his car.
(b) He is shouted at.
(c) He is shot by Chunjin.
(d) Chunjin robs him.

3. What will serve as a reunion between Raymond and Jocie?
(a) A costume ball.
(b) A welcome home dinner.
(c) A private dinner.
(d) An evening at the theater.

4. What does Raymond's column report?
(a) On the culture and climate of Europe while neglecting entirely the Iselins.
(b) On the movements of his mother.
(c) On the people he kills on the trip.
(d) On his mother's poor behavior.

5. How many shots do they hear?
(a) Three.
(b) Four.
(c) Two.
(d) One.

6. Meanwhile, at the party, what does Raymond's mother do regarding Raymond?
(a) She is happy to find him missing.
(b) She panics to discover he has left the library.
(c) She interrupts their argument.
(d) She greets him and Jocie as they enter.

7. Where is the reader then taken?
(a) The rally itself.
(b) The election day itself.
(c) The strike itself.
(d) The convention itself.

8. Marco's squad on the floor watches the proceedings, while the top FBI agents do what?
(a) Struggle to reach the assassin's box before Raymond can kill the candidates or carry out whatever the colonel placed in his friend's charge.
(b) Protect the presidential candidate.
(c) Protect the Iselins.
(d) Search for Raymond.

9. What does his mother also tell him?
(a) He was never her son.
(b) They are moving to Russia when this is all through.
(c) They are Communists.
(d) They will strike back against the Communists for using them in this fashion.

10. What does Marco offer to help his friend write?
(a) A love letter to Rosie.
(b) A condolence letter to Rosie and develop a correspondence that will reestablish his intentions as a suitor.
(c) A love letter to Jocie.
(d) A condolence letter to Jocie and develop a correspondence that will reestablish his intentions as a suitor.

11. What happens during the first day of ceremonies?
(a) The Iselins are controlling others.
(b) The Iselins are very involved in the show floor.
(c) The Iselins are asking citizens to vote for Iselin.
(d) The Iselins abstain from the show floor itself.

12. How long has it been since Jocie had seen Raymond?
(a) One year.
(b) Several months.
(c) A few days.
(d) Several years.

13. When does Marco enter the box?
(a) After his agents.
(b) He never enters the box.
(c) Ahead of his agents.
(d) With his agents.

14. What will this action do?
(a) Show Johnny Iselin as a hero.
(b) Force the world to feel sorry for Johnny Iselin.
(c) Encourage the American people to trust him.
(d) Cement the nobility of Johnny Iselin and his cause in the public's mind by creating a martyr, and a nation symbol of America's will to stand up to Communism.

15. What does she reveal about Raymond?
(a) He had never kissed her.
(b) He was forceful.
(c) He was very outgoing.
(d) He was her first.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Raymond act when Marco studies him?

2. What does Senator Jordan further state?

3. When did this take place?

4. Why does Raymond's mother storm out of her brother's home in Italy?

5. What does Raymond's mother give him?

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