The Manchurian Candidate Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What will Raymond Shaw be receiving?

Recently returned from the Korean War, Medal of Honor honoree Sergeant Raymond Shaw is due in Washington within the week to accept his Medal of Honor.

2. Why does Shaw end up in Washington early?

The FBI has come to collect Shaw and fly him to Washington ahead of schedule. Shaw's mother, the wife of influential senator Johnny Iselin, has arranged a parade in her son's honor and pulled some strings to make sure he shows up.

3. What is known about Shaw from the beginning of this flashback?

Two soldiers gossip about Raymond Shaw, remarking how he's not interested in sex at all. Back on patrol, Shaw passes the time with Captain Marco, the closest thing to a friend he's ever had. A full account of Raymond's features reveals him to be unapproachable, inhumanly distant to the other soldiers, and nearly devoid of emotional expression. He is universally disliked by his company, with the sole exception of Captain Marco.

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