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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Raymond and Jocie begin?
(a) A fling.
(b) A disagreement.
(c) A romance.
(d) A friendship.

2. What compels Marco to give up women?
(a) Raymond's dislike of all the women.
(b) His realization that he is gay.
(c) His desire to find love.
(d) His disturbing dreams.

3. How does Marco sleep at Rosie's apartment?
(a) A little.
(b) Not at all.
(c) Well.
(d) Not well.

4. At one point, what does Mrs. Iselin tell her husband to say?
(a) He trusts Communism.
(b) His wife is a Communist.
(c) There is one Communist at the highest level of the DoD.
(d) He is a Communist.

5. What does Marco do upon returning from Korea?
(a) He takes up residence in Raymond's apartment.
(b) He finds his own apartment.
(c) He moves back home.
(d) He moves in with his girlfriend.

Short Answer Questions

1. What favor does Shaw mention to his mother?

2. What do the Marco and Raymond do when Raymond finds out about the fight between Marco and Chunjin?

3. Where does Raymond work?

4. Why does the doctor say Raymond would be the perfect assassin?

5. What does the senator tell Jocie about Raymond?

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