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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who greets Shaw at the airport?
(a) No one.
(b) An army of photographers and his opportunistic mother.
(c) The President of the United States.
(d) His mother.

2. What type of conditioning does Dr. Yen Lo and his crew of neuropsychiatrists use to create the perfect assassin?
(a) Pavlovian.
(b) Edwardian.
(c) Maslow.
(d) Freudian.

3. What does Colonel Marco gains the opportunity to submit?
(a) A form to be given another promotion.
(b) An official protest to his various promotions and dissociate himself from Iselin.
(c) A note to Raymond to help him rid himself of his promotions.
(d) A letter to the President, thanking him for his promotions.

4. From where has Raymond Shaw recently returned?
(a) The Korean War.
(b) The Vietnam War.
(c) The Gulf War.
(d) World War II.

5. Where do Marco and the G-men meet Raymond?
(a) At Pakistani Charlie's.
(b) In Central Park.
(c) At the Statue of Liberty.
(d) In Hungarian Charlie's.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Shaw attend?

2. Why did Raymond's mother choose Shaw for a husband?

3. Who is O'Neil?

4. How does Raymond feel about the events surrounding the divorce?

5. Why does Raymond suggest that Marco force an investigation by initiating his own court-martial and charging himself with falsifying the report that led to Shaw's medal?

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