The Manchurian Candidate Character Descriptions

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Raymond Shaw

Resenting his mother for betraying his father at an early age, this character grew detached from the normal course of human interaction.

Ellie Iselin (Raymond's Mother)

A woman on a quest for power from an early age, this character seduced Raymond Shaw Senior while still a teenager, but eventually left the man for the more ambitious Johnny Iselin.

Captain/Major/Colonel Ben Marco

This character was the only person on Shaw's patrol that he could stomach. This was enough for Raymond to consider him a friend after the war had ended.


Captain Marco's guide and interpreter during the Korean War, this character betrays the company by leading them into an ambush. The soldiers are taken to a Chinese military installation and brainwashed, with Shaw receiving additional conditioning to become a mindless killer.

Dr. Yen Lo

This character is the Chinese psychiatrist who conditions Raymond Shaw...

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