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Short Answer Questions

1. When Edmund and Mrs. Whitman first meet, where does Mrs. Whitman tell Edmund to have Dupin meet her?

2. When they investigate the room that faces Edmund's room, what do Edmund and Dupin find?

3. As Dupin leaves the bank, what work by Poe does Peterson tell Dupin that he likes?

4. When Dupin goes to the courthouse, what do Thock and Fortnoy testify about?

5. The prologue is engaging because it sets up a crime in which _____.

Short Essay Questions

1. Do you think army life suited Poe?

2. Why do you think the author added this section at the end of the book? Do you think it is appropriate to have a historical section at the end of a novel?

3. Why do you think the author uses the real names of Poe's fiancée and her mother as characters in the story?

4. Do you think Poe is a coward for giving up on marrying Helen because, as he says, too many timid people feel threatened by his power as a writer?

5. Poe published his two most famous works in his thirties, before the death of his wife. Do you think the death of his wife prevented him from continuing to be prolific and successful as a writer?

6. How does the final chase scene in Chapter 21 differ from the rest of the novel?

7. Do you think Poe is a good choice for a novel about a real life person? Why or why not?

8. What can the reader learn about the real-life Poe in this novel?

9. Why is it significant in Chapter 14 that Edmund first begins to doubt Dupin's detective skills after talking to Captain Elias?

10. What is the significance of the absence of adults in the Prologue?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What is the symbolism of Poe's use of a pseudonym? What is the significance of the specific pseudonym he chooses? What are some other examples of his assuming a false identify, and what do these say about his character?

Essay Topic 2

Why do you think the characters frequently think they see ghosts throughout the novel? What do the ghosts symbolize? What is the significance of the fact that these characters generally realize immediately that ghosts don't really exist?

Essay Topic 3

What do we learn about Poe from the style with which he approaches his courtship of Mrs. Whitman? Does he seem determined? Shy? Indifferent? How do you think this relates to the loss of his first wife?

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