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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom is Dupin's second encounter at the cemetery?
(a) Edmund.
(b) Mrs. Powers.
(c) Throck.
(d) Mrs. Whitman.

2. Who does Mrs. Powers want her daughter to marry?
(a) Mr. Arnold.
(b) Mr. Poe.
(c) Mr. Peterson.
(d) Mr. Poley.

3. What does Dupin learn at the portrait studio?
(a) Edmund's mother and aunt both resemble Edmund's sister.
(b) Edmund's mother and aunt look nothing alike.
(c) Edmund's mother and aunt are the same person.
(d) Edmund's mother and aunt are twins.

4. How does Edmund escape his pursuer at the docks?
(a) By shouting out.
(b) By crawling along the underside of a wharf.
(c) By pretending to have a weapon.
(d) By jumping into the harbor and swimming away.

5. What does Poe do with his story before walking away?
(a) Give it to Edmund as a gift.
(b) Dedicate it to Mrs. Whitman.
(c) Add a prologue.
(d) Throw it onto the ground.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Edmund bring with him to rescue his sister?

2. When Poe arrives at the scene where Edmund is trying to rescue his sister, how does he say he figured out the meaning of the decoded message?

3. What does Mr. Arnold ask Dupin at Mrs. Whitman's home?

4. What does Dupin use to decipher the encoded message Edmund found at Mrs. Whitman's house?

5. What does Edmund see in the mausoleum?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do you think Edmund felt upon reading the beginning of Poe's story, and seeing the name "Edgar" changed to "Edmund"? Do you think it made him regret having torn up the rest of the story?

2. What is the importance of the guests' discussion of whether it is possible to read a man's character from his face?

3. Do you think Poe is a coward for giving up on marrying Helen because, as he says, too many timid people feel threatened by his power as a writer?

4. Why do you think the author uses the circular technique of starting Poe's story in a way that is identical to the start of the novel?

5. What can the reader learn about the real-life Poe in this novel?

6. Why do you think the author has Edmund's mother demand both the divorce and her money, rather than just being satisfied with a divorce, when she first encounters her husband?

7. What is the symbolism, in Chapter 13, of Dupin's imagining that Helen's mothers guests are demons wearing masks of black death?

8. How does the final chase scene in Chapter 21 differ from the rest of the novel?

9. What is the symbolism in Chapter 19 of Poe's belief upon seeing Edmund and his mother that his characters have come to life?

10. Why do both Dupin and Edmund frequently believe they have seen ghosts?

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