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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom is Dupin's first encounter at the cemetery?
(a) Edmund.
(b) Mrs. Whitman.
(c) Throck.
(d) Edmund's dead aunt.

2. When Edmund figures out where his sister is, who accompanies him to rescue her?
(a) No one.
(b) Edmund's mother.
(c) Throck.
(d) Poe.

3. What does Dupin tell Edmund about Mr. Arnold?
(a) He is Edmund's aunt's murderer.
(b) He is Edmund's step-father.
(c) He is Edmund's mother's murderer.
(d) He is Edmund's father.

4. What does Dupin learn at the portrait studio?
(a) Edmund's mother and aunt both resemble Edmund's sister.
(b) Edmund's mother and aunt are the same person.
(c) Edmund's mother and aunt are twins.
(d) Edmund's mother and aunt look nothing alike.

5. How does Edmund convince Poe to help him find his sister?
(a) Threatening to tear up his story.
(b) Complimenting him on his detective skills.
(c) Offering to help him write his story.
(d) Withholding his liquor.

6. Who does Dupin tell Edmund that Rachett has killed?
(a) Edmund's sister.
(b) His partner, Peterson.
(c) Edmund's aunt, believing her to be Edmund's mother.
(d) Edmund's mother, believing her to be Edmund's aunt.

7. How does Throck convince Poe to help him and Edmund find Edmund's sister?
(a) Withholding his liquor.
(b) Bribing him.
(c) Giving him liquor.
(d) Threatening to tear up his story.

8. How does Edmund escape his pursuer at the docks?
(a) By jumping into the harbor and swimming away.
(b) By pretending to have a weapon.
(c) By shouting out.
(d) By crawling along the underside of a wharf.

9. What is in the prologue of Poe's story?
(a) An apology to Edward for his behavior.
(b) The same prologue that begins Edmund's story.
(c) A note to Mrs. Whitman.
(d) The beginning of Poe's life.

10. What does Dupin use to decipher the encoded message Edmund found at Mrs. Whitman's house?
(a) The Murders in the Rue Morgue.
(b) The Raven.
(c) The Gold Bug.
(d) The newspaper notices.

11. Why does Poe believe he will not marry Mrs. Whitman at the end of the novel?
(a) Too many people oppose their union.
(b) It doesn't fit into his story.
(c) He believes she has lost interest in him.
(d) He has lost interest.

12. When Edmund arrives to rescue his sister, who is trying to take her away?
(a) Captain Elias and Fortnoy.
(b) Captain Elias and Rachett.
(c) Fortnoy and Throck.
(d) Peterson and Rachett.

13. With whom is Dupin's second encounter at the cemetery?
(a) Edmund.
(b) Mrs. Powers.
(c) Mrs. Whitman.
(d) Throck.

14. What does Poe believe about Edmund's sister's ultimate fate?
(a) It is too late to save her.
(b) She should be rescued.
(c) It should be the same as Poe's wife's.
(d) She deserves to die.

15. Who or what is Peggy?
(a) A character in Poe's story.
(b) A bar maid.
(c) Captain Elias's peg leg.
(d) The boat used to try to rescue Sis.

Short Answer Questions

1. When they return to Edmund's room after Edmund is attacked, what does Dupin tell Edmund to find?

2. What does the style of the novel mimic?

3. When he stops on his way to the cemetery, what does Dupin imagine that he sees?

4. What does one of the newspaper notices say?

5. Where does Edmund go to find his sister?

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