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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When introducing him to her guests, how does Mrs. Whitman refer to Dupin?
(a) Mr. Arnold.
(b) Mr. Rachett.
(c) Edmund's father.
(d) Mr. Poe.

2. Who does Dupin tell Edmund that Rachett has killed?
(a) His partner, Peterson.
(b) Edmund's mother, believing her to be Edmund's aunt.
(c) Edmund's aunt, believing her to be Edmund's mother.
(d) Edmund's sister.

3. What does Dupin see from the bell tower?
(a) Edmund's home.
(b) The bank.
(c) The cemetery.
(d) The docks.

4. What does Edmund see in the mausoleum?
(a) Nothing.
(b) A corpse.
(c) A ghost.
(d) A button.

5. What does Poe believe when he first sees Edmund with his mother?
(a) He believes that Edmund's mother is a ghost.
(b) He believes the characters he's writing about have come to life.
(c) He believes that Edmund's mother is his aunt.
(d) He is shocked that Edmund's mother is alive.

6. What happens to the ship Edmund's sister was on?
(a) It overturns.
(b) It plows into Edmund's boat.
(c) It gets away.
(d) It hits a rock.

7. What is Dupin surprised to learn that Captain Elias told Edmund?
(a) The Lady Liberty does not exist.
(b) Fortnoy was keeping watch at the time of the murder.
(c) Captain Elias was keeping watch at the time of the murder.
(d) The S.S. Freedom does not exist.

8. How do the kidnappers plan to use Edmund's sister?
(a) As a seamstress.
(b) As an accomplice.
(c) As a servant.
(d) As a bargaining tool.

9. Who or what is Peggy?
(a) A bar maid.
(b) Captain Elias's peg leg.
(c) The boat used to try to rescue Sis.
(d) A character in Poe's story.

10. How does Edmund escape his pursuer at the docks?
(a) By crawling along the underside of a wharf.
(b) By shouting out.
(c) By jumping into the harbor and swimming away.
(d) By pretending to have a weapon.

11. Given what he learns at the portrait studio, what does Dupin come to believe?
(a) Either Edmund's aunt or his mother is still alive.
(b) Both Edmund's aunt and his mother are dead.
(c) Edmund's aunt is still alive.
(d) Edmund's mother is still alive.

12. For what reason does Dupin believe Edmund's sister was abducted?
(a) So she could lead Rachett to Edward's mother.
(b) So she could assist with the bank robbery.
(c) So she could lead Edmund out of his room.
(d) So she could be held for ransom.

13. While Dupin is at Mrs. Whitman's home, what does Captain Elias tell Edmund at the docks?
(a) Fortnoy found the body floating in the harbor.
(b) Elias suspects Fortnoy of foul play.
(c) Elias witnessed Fortnoy committing murder.
(d) Captain Elias found the body floating in the harbor.

14. What does Poe believe about Edmund's sister's ultimate fate?
(a) It should be the same as Poe's wife's.
(b) She deserves to die.
(c) It is too late to save her.
(d) She should be rescued.

15. With whom is Dupin's second encounter at the cemetery?
(a) Mrs. Powers.
(b) Mrs. Whitman.
(c) Edmund.
(d) Throck.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Poe's style of courting Mrs. Whitman reflect?

2. What truth does Edmund demand of Poe before they part ways?

3. What do Poe's actions at the end of the novel demonstrate?

4. Where does Edmund go to find his sister?

5. While his mother sleeps, what does Edmund ask Poe to do?

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