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Providence, Rhode Island

Avi, the author of The Man Who Was Poe, resides in this city and state and based this historical fiction novel on several real events which took place in this city in 1848.

Narragansett Bay

The climactic chase scene between the Peggy and the Sunrise takes place on the choppy, wind-swept waters of this location.

The Docks

The setting at Narragansett Bay, where Edmund and his Sis used to play in happier days, is where most of the dangerous action scenes in The Man Who Was Poe take place.

Eighty-Eight Benefit Street

Mrs. Helen Whitman resides at this location in Providence with her mother, Mrs. Powers.

The Cemetery

The place on Church Street is located immediately behind Mrs. Whitman's home. No one ever goes to this old place, and so the novel's villain, Mr. Rachett, finds it an ideal place to hide Sis.

The Hotel American House

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