Daily Lessons for Teaching The Man Who Was Poe

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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)



This section establishes the setting of the novel. The students explore the importance of setting in a novel and how the setting reflects the inner state of the characters. They familiarize themselves with the time and place in which the novel is set, and explore why the author chooses this particular setting.


1. Research: Students work on a research project in pairs. In each pair, one student researches Providence, Rhode Island, while the other researches the late 19th century. Students can choose from a variety of ways of presenting the information: written essay, poster board, 3-dimensional work of art, or PowerPoint presentation. Students present the information in pairs.

2. Discussion: Students imagine the novel with a variety of alternative settings. How would an alternative setting detract from the mood of the novel? How does the setting help to underscore the characters' inner frame of mind? How...

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