The Man Who Was Poe Character Descriptions

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Edmund Albert George Brimmer

This character is a small child who recently is traumatized by events concerning the adults in his family.

Auguste Dupin / Edgar Allan Poe

This character is a writer who takes on the persona of one of his characters, who enjoys outwitting criminals and tracking down clues.

Mr. Asa Throck

This character is a night watchman hired to track down a missing person.

Mrs. Helen Whitman

This character is a widow and entertains two characters as potential new spouses.

Mrs. Powers

This character is a wealthy, respected older character who passes judgment on the two characters wishing to marry this character's widowed child, and is fooled into approving of the one who is less worthy.

Mr. Arnold / Mr. Rachett

This character is a genteel criminal who seeks wealth and a spouse from a socially powerful family.

Mr. Peterson

This character works at a bank and...

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