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• Edmund and Sis wait in their room for their aunt to return.

• Edmund watches Sis read a book of fairy tales.
• Sis convinces Edmund to go out to buy food.
• Reluctantly, Edmund leaves his sister.

• He goes to the saloon and buys bread.
• An old man asks Edmund to guide him to Shamrock Street.

• Edmund is in a hurry to get back, but helps the man because it is the right thing to do.
• Edmund runs all the way back to his room.
• When Edmund unlocks the door to his room, his sister is gone.

Part 1, Chapters 1-10

• Dupin meets Edmund, who tells him about his situation.

• Dupin offers to help Edmund if Edmund delivers a letter for him.

• Edmund delivers the letter.

• Dupin asks Edmund if he can stay at Edmund's place.
• Edmund and Dupin go to the docks.

• Dupin sees a dead woman who resembles...

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