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Short Answer Questions

1. The chapter covers a disorder where people who have lost limbs believe and feel that they are still there. What is this disorder called?

2. How old is the main character?

3. What is his problem with body?

4. What feature of humans does Sacks wonder if Jimmie lacks?

5. What is a visual phantom?

Short Essay Questions

1. What central feature of all humans is Sacks worried that Jimmie lacks? Why is Sacks so worried? And what alleviates his worry?

2. What is Mrs. S condition? What is its cause? What are some of her symptoms?

3. What is the cause of the main character's affliction? When is it first treated? When does it return?

4. How do observes view the main character, given his inability to recognize that his leg hasn't been replaced?

5. What is strange about the period that Jimmie is stuck in from Dr. Sacks' perspective?

6. How is Madeline's problem fixed? What was the cause of her disorder in the first place?

7. To what degree does Sachs see himself as a novelist? And to what degree does he see himself as a scientist?

8. What is Mrs. O'C's primary symptom? What is Mrs. O'M's primary symptom? How do their attitudes differ about their symptoms?

9. How is Mrs. S treated? What is a treatment that she despises?

10. What is the twins' unique ability? In what venues do they use it? Does it give them intelligence in other areas?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

To what extent are patients like those described in this book 'normal?' Is it that they can't function in society? Or can they, with a little help? How would you try to integrate these patients into society? Or would you refuse to try? Please pick two patients you think could be easily integrated into society and one patient that presents difficulties. Explain how you would integrate the first two patients and why the third would present difficulties.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter Two, Sacks wonders whether Jimmie G. has a soul because he has no ability to lay down new memories. Is Sacks right to worry? What is it to have a soul and how it is connected to our memories? If we lose the ability to lay down our memories, do we lose our souls?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the different forms of reminiscence that Mrs. O'C and Mrs. O'M experience. How do they react to their disorders? Why do you believe that respond so differently?

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