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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the main character mentioned in the postscript?

2. In what place does Jimmie recover a part of himself?

3. What was the main character's old line of work that helped in compensating for the main character's disorder?

4. How many children does the main character have?

5. What surgery is the main character admitted into the hospital to have?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the impact of hearing Reagan's speech on the main character. What does he/she notice that others do not? What does she miss?

2. How does Sacks answer the following questions? Is there a place in society for people like Jose? Does Jose have a functional role in society? Or is he too disabled to function?

3. How does Sacks see the relationship between memory and life? How does Sacks see the connection in Jimmie G.?

4. Who is the main character in this chapter? What is his affliction? How does it affect him?

5. What is the change in the main character's demeanor in the chapter and why?

6. How is Mrs. S treated? What is a treatment that she despises?

7. Who are the two main character's in this chapter? What is their affliction called and what does it generally consist in?

8. To what degree does Sachs see himself as a novelist? And to what degree does he see himself as a scientist?

9. Why does A. R. Luria advise Sacks to present case histories as stories? What aspect of his stories does Sacks focus on as a result?

10. What is the cause of Christina's condition? Do scientists think it is a plausible cause?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

To what extent are patients like those described in this book 'normal?' Is it that they can't function in society? Or can they, with a little help? How would you try to integrate these patients into society? Or would you refuse to try? Please pick two patients you think could be easily integrated into society and one patient that presents difficulties. Explain how you would integrate the first two patients and why the third would present difficulties.

Essay Topic 2

Outline what you believe to be one main theme of Sacks' book. For instance, how does he treat his patients? You must use three examples from the book to illustrate your point. The paper must be five pages, double-spaced.

Essay Topic 3

Describe the different forms of reminiscence that Mrs. O'C and Mrs. O'M experience. How do they react to their disorders? Why do you believe that respond so differently?

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