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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Sacks work at the time of this chapter?
(a) National Institutes of Mental Health
(b) Neuroscience Clinic
(c) Therapist's Office
(d) Home for the Aged

2. The main character does not like his treatment. How does he/she cope?
(a) Takes medicine on the weekened but not during the week
(b) Takes medicine during the week but not on the weekends
(c) Learns to live without medicine
(d) Changes medicines

3. Sacks says taht for a long time which part of the brain was thought to be less complex?
(a) The left hemisphere
(b) The right hemisphere
(c) Frontal Lobe
(d) Parietal Lobe

4. Who is the main character of this chapter?
(a) Dr. Sacks
(b) Dr. P
(c) Mr. P
(d) Jimmie G.

5. Dr. P possesses which personal qualities.
(a) He is angry but intelligent.
(b) He is utterly detached from the world.
(c) He is upbeat and intelligent.
(d) He is cold and indifferent.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the main character compensate for his/her disorder?

2. Which capacity of the main character is enhanced by his/her disability?

3. What surgery is the main character admitted into the hospital to have?

4. The main character has which of the following problems?

5. The main character cannot perceive:

Short Essay Questions

1. To what degree does Sachs see himself as a novelist? And to what degree does he see himself as a scientist?

2. What is Miguel's affliction? How does it affect him? How is it treated? And are its effects good or bad?

3. What is Mrs. O'C's primary symptom? What is Mrs. O'M's primary symptom? How do their attitudes differ about their symptoms?

4. Where is the main character housed after the trial? How does he come to recall the crime he committed?

5. How does the main character handle her grandmother's death? What activities does she start in? Which does she end up in?

6. What is the main character's disorder? How does it compare to Witty Ticcy Ray's? How does she handle it on the street?

7. How does Mr. MacGregor work to compensate for his disorder?

8. How is Mr. P able to recognize objects?

9. What is Mrs. B's condition? How does it affect her? Is she bothered by it?

10. What is Natasha K's affliction? What is its cause? How does it affect her? Does she like it or dislike it?

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