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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The main character's affliction causes her to feel how?
(a) Angry and frustrated
(b) Somber and reflective
(c) Happy and flirtatious
(d) Sad and depressed

2. What does the main character do with this body part?
(a) Tries to cut it off
(b) Beats it until it is bruised
(c) Asks someone to amputate it
(d) Throws it out of bed

3. How is the main character treated?
(a) He/She is given a wheelchair to give him/her a sense of independence
(b) He/She is given a wheel chair so he/she can turn right
(c) He/She is given a wheelchair so he/she can go to the bathroom on his/her own
(d) He/She is given a wheelchair so he/she can turn left

4. How does the main character feel about his/her body?
(a) That it has a mind of its own.
(b) That it will spontaneously combust.
(c) That it is deteriorating.
(d) That it is detached from him/her.

5. Why would the disorder described in the chapter be a bad thing?
(a) Patients are disturbed by their false sensations.
(b) The brain does process information properly when patients feel their phantom limbs.
(c) Patients do not recover from losing a limb.
(d) Patients get angry when they rediscover they do not have limbs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the main character mentioned in the postscript?

2. Who is the main character of the chapter?

3. The main character does not like his treatment. How does he/she cope?

4. How does the remedy work?

5. Which medicine is used to calm down the main character?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the overall theme of the book?

2. Who are the two main character's in this chapter? What is their affliction called and what does it generally consist in?

3. Why does it matter to Sacks that he tell stories about his patients rather than giving sterile case studies?

4. What is William's affliction? How does it affect him with Dr. Sacks?

5. Why does Sacks think that phantom limb syndrome might be importantly beneficial to a patient who has lost a limb?

6. What central feature of all humans is Sacks worried that Jimmie lacks? Why is Sacks so worried? And what alleviates his worry?

7. How do observes view the main character, given his inability to recognize that his leg hasn't been replaced?

8. How is Mr. P able to recognize objects?

9. What is the main character's disorder? How does it compare to Witty Ticcy Ray's? How does she handle it on the street?

10. How is Madeline's problem fixed? What was the cause of her disorder in the first place?

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