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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the twins score on IQ tests?
(a) Average
(b) Low
(c) Very high
(d) Very low

2. Who is the main character of this chapter?
(a) William
(b) Witty Ticcy Ray
(c) Miguel
(d) Jimmie G.

3. The main character in this chapter controls her disorder by doing what?
(a) Medicine
(b) Dancing
(c) Intense Concentration
(d) Mimicing other people's actions

4. What is the main character's affliction?
(a) Elevated Proprioception
(b) Elevated Sense of Smell
(c) Elevated Sex Drive
(d) Elevated Hearing

5. What is the disorder discussed in the chapter named by Sacks?
(a) Transcendence
(b) Dissolution
(c) Disintegration
(d) Reminiscences

6. What disorder does the main character have?
(a) Alzheimer's Disease
(b) Tourette's Syndrome
(c) Phantom Limb Syndrome
(d) Parkinson's Disease

7. The second main character in the chapter hears what over and over again?
(a) A discussion with her father about her mother's death
(b) Some old rock tunes from her youth
(c) Some conversations she remembers from her childhood
(d) Three hymns that she knows

8. Where does the main character end up flourishing?
(a) Poetry Writing
(b) Classes
(c) Reading
(d) The Theatre

9. William Penfield calls the disorder discussed in the chapter by what technical name?
(a) Mental Agnosia
(b) Mental Displopia
(c) Mental Aphasia
(d) Mental Degradation

10. Who are the main characters in this chapter?
(a) Mrs. O'F and Mrs O'P
(b) Mrs. O'B and Mrs O'Q
(c) Mrs. O'D and Mrs. O'Q
(d) Mrs. O'C and Mrs. O'M

11. What was the main character's symptoms?
(a) Visions
(b) Hearing Voices
(c) Reminiscence
(d) Tactile Illusions

12. The main character has which book memorized?
(a) The Bible
(b) Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians
(c) Webster's Dictionary
(d) Bach's Biography

13. Who does the main character kill?
(a) His Sister
(b) His Girlfriend
(c) His Mother
(d) His Grandmother

14. The main character responds to treatment by first regaining what?
(a) Neither One
(b) Psychomotor Functioning
(c) Speech
(d) Speech and Psychomotor Functioning

15. How does the main character describe what is happening to her?
(a) She is
(b) She is
(c) She is
(d) She is

Short Answer Questions

1. How do people on the street react to the main character?

2. What does the disorder consist in?

3. The main character addresses Dr. Sacks as three different people. Which ones?

4. What happens to him after he commits murder?

5. What is the treatment the main character undergoes?

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