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Book Group

Hold a book group session in which the Grasshopper Lies Heavy is the selection of the month. Have the class prepare a series of questions to serve as the focus of the discussion. Choose one student to act as facilitator. Have other students represent various characters, including its author Hawthorne Abendsen, and discuss the book from that character's perspective. (These would include anyone who had read, discussed, or said they were going to read this novel. Among these would be: Juliana and Joe, the Kasouras, Reiss, Childan....)

Mock Trial

Hold a mock trial in which Rudolf Wegener is being tried for the political crime of treason, the Germans are proscecuting and the Japanese are defending. Bring in characters such as vom Meere, Reiss, Tagomi, and Tedeki as witnesses to be questioned. The outcome will depend on who presents the best case. This will be decided on...

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