The Man in the High Castle Character Descriptions

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Frank Frink

This factory worker-turned-jewelry maker lives under an assumed name to avoid being taken by the Germans.

Juliana Frink

This judo instructor from Colorado confronts a famous writer about the source of his book.

Joe Cinnadella

This assassin is hired to eliminate a popular, controversial figure.

Robert Childan

This dealer in authentic American artifacts takes pride in pleasing his Japanese customers.

Nobusuke Tagomi

This character is a high official with the Trade Mission of the Pacific.

Mr. Baynes, a.k.a. Rudolf Wegener

This character is an impostor who risks his life to prevent another German atrocity.

Mr. Yatabe, a.k.a. General Tedeki

This general has received important information to pass along to his Homeland.

Hugo Reiss

This character is in charge of keeping track of German citizens in the PSA.

Bruno Kreuz vom Meere

This character is an unpleasant, power hungry chief of police.

Hawthorne Abendsen

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