Objects & Places from Man-eaters of Kumaon

Jim Corbett (hunter)
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Causes of Man-Eating - These are wounds or physical wear that makes tigers unable to successfully hunt their natural prey.

Pug Marks - These are tiger tracks that Corbett uses for tracking.

Machans - These are tree platforms Corbett builds to scout for tigers or wait to shoot them.

Vigils - Corbett would often engage in overnight vigils to watch for the man-eaters.

Buffaloes - Corbett would often use these to lure man-eaters into a line of sight or to get them to create drag marks that enable better tracking.

Bungalows - These are are a sort of one-story house created in India. Corbett often stayed in local ones when he was on the hunt.

Rifles - Corbett often discusses these and he prefers his 450/400.

Cooee - These are animal calls made from bushes.

Sahib - This is a salutation for Sir or a Britishman.

Shikari -...

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