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Short Answer Questions

1. What emotion does Nataraj experience while actually printing the book for the poet?

2. How do Sastri and Nataraj choose a day for the celebration?

3. Who is still good friends with Nataraj after Vasu's death?

4. What does the post man tell Nataraj?

5. What was the town saying about Nataraj after Vasu's death?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sastri say that demons usually meet their demise?

2. What happens when Nataraj visits Vasu as the procession approaches?

3. What incident with Nataraj happens in the crowds during the mayor's speech?

4. What is Nataraj's first plan to keep Vasu from shooting Kumar?

5. What is the celebration that is planned, and who is planning it?

6. What does Sastri learn from Rangi about how Vasu died?

7. What happens when Nataraj travels to Mempi with the information about the animal hospital?

8. What interaction to Vasu and Nataraj have after Kumar and the mahout leave Mempi?

9. What is the night and morning before the celebration like for Nataraj?

10. What does Rangi's visit to Nataraj change at Nataraj's house? How?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In The Man-Eater of Malgudi the animal hospital is nothing but a barren field despite the fully trained veterinarian and all his equipment sitting in the little shack. Write an essay about the difficulties of international aid.

Part 1. Explain the situation of the animal hospital in The Man-Eater of Malgudi.

Part 2. Is there blame to be assigned to any party in such a situation? Who? What could have been done for a better result?

Part 3. What are some of the crucial aspects to keep in mind when developing international aid projects? Are there logical steps to take to avoid wastes such as the animal hospital?

Essay Topic 2

The interactions between Vasu and Nataraj are especially important in The Man-Eater of Malgudi. Write an essay explaining why.

Part 1. Who do Nataraj and Vasu represent? Why are their interactions so important?

Part 2. Find interactions or dialogue between Vasu and Nataraj and analyze it as it relates to historical figures, groups, and events.

Essay Topic 3

The title of the book The Man-Eater of Malgudi is clearly suggests that one of the characters in the book is a rakshasa, or a man-eater.

Part 1. Who is the man-eater? Is there only one?

Part 2. What is a rakshasa, and what are their roles and stories in mythology?

Part 3. How do the actions of the character or characters indicate that they are rakshasas or man-eaters?

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