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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the overriding emotion in Vasu's plans to shoot Kumar?
(a) Logic.
(b) Envy.
(c) Loneliness.
(d) Anger.

2. What reason does Sastri give for being delayed returning from his niece's wedding?
(a) He was staying away until the dust settled about Vasu.
(b) None of the above.
(c) He was investigating the murder.
(d) After the wedding they went on a pilgrimage.

3. What does the post man tell Nataraj?
(a) That Vasu is dead.
(b) That Vasu had shot himself.
(c) That Vasu was missing.
(d) That Vasu was poisened and is in the hospital.

4. What emotion does Nataraj experience while actually printing the book for the poet?
(a) Awe.
(b) Sorrow.
(c) Elation.
(d) Irritation.

5. How do Nataraj and Sastri raise money for the celebration?
(a) They charge Vasu rent.
(b) They ask for donations.
(c) They sell copies of the book.
(d) Nataraj charges extra on all printing jobs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Vasu want Nataraj to do for him?

2. What does Rangi tell Nataraj when she comes to his home?

3. After Vasu's death, how is business at the press? How does Nataraj spend his time?

4. What does Nataraj try to do for the poet?

5. Which of the following best characterizes the effect of the police inspector on Vasu?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Rangi's visit to Nataraj change at Nataraj's house? How?

2. What is the celebration that is planned, and who is planning it?

3. What is the night and morning before the celebration like for Nataraj?

4. Rangi and Nataraj discuss several things when she taps on the grille of the press. What do they discuss and what is their conversation like?

5. Why did Muthu come to the press to visit Nataraj?

6. What incident with Nataraj happens in the crowds during the mayor's speech?

7. What happens when the group with the police inspector go to visit Vasu?

8. What is the final interaction that Nataraj has with the adjournment lawyer? How is this different than the previous ones?

9. What interaction to Vasu and Nataraj have after Kumar and the mahout leave Mempi?

10. What happens when Nataraj visits Vasu as the procession approaches?

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