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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Rangi come to visit Nataraj?
(a) Right before the parade.
(b) At night while he is printing and the rest are sleeping.
(c) During the celebration.
(d) In the morning when she is leaving Vasu's room.

2. What does Nataraj say was the greatest damage caused by the man-eater?
(a) He caused fear in those of good heart.
(b) He brought suspicion into Malgudi.
(c) He destroyed Nataraj's name, friendships, and world.
(d) He took sacred animals from the world.

3. What does the post man tell Nataraj?
(a) That Vasu was missing.
(b) That Vasu had shot himself.
(c) That Vasu was poisened and is in the hospital.
(d) That Vasu is dead.

4. What does Vasu offer Nataraj when he hears of the celebration, and what is Nataraj's reaction?
(a) Vasu offers to move out of the attic and Nataraj tells him he doesn't have to.
(b) Vasu offers ten rupees and Nataraj says he wants a hundred.
(c) Vasu offers Nataraj a stuffed animal for his parlour and Nataraj agrees.
(d) Vasu offers Nataraj friendship and Nataraj willingly embraces it.

5. Who comes to visit Nataraj at home while he is resting?
(a) Muthu, Sen, and Rangi.
(b) Muthu, Sen, the poet, Dr Joshi, and Rangi.
(c) Sen and the poet.
(d) Rangi

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the result from the coroner regarding Vasu's death?

2. When Muthu comes to the press, what is his relationship with Vasu?

3. How does Sen help Nataraj?

4. What emotion does Nataraj experience while actually printing the book for the poet?

5. How does Nataraj get back to town?

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