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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was lost when Nataraj's grandmother passed away?
(a) The ancestral home of the family.
(b) The stories of Nataraj's grandfather, an elephant handler.
(c) Family unity between the five brothers and their families.
(d) All documentation of Nataraj's existence.

2. How many people work with Nataraj at his press?
(a) A foreman, an office boy, a compositor, a binder and an accountant.
(b) Nataraj worked with his whole family at the press.
(c) Just one, an old man called Sastri.
(d) None of the above.

3. Is Vasu Nataraj's tenant?
(a) Yes, but pays a token rent amount.
(b) Yes, he gave Natraraj a sum upfront to move in.
(c) No, he isn't answerable to Nataraj.
(d) No, he doesn't pay rent despite living in the attic.

4. Who gives Nataraj cold looks when he runs into them on the street?
(a) His extended family.
(b) The girl he spurned at the market.
(c) The politicians.
(d) The owners of the Star.

5. Who does Nataraj run into that helps him with his situation?
(a) The adjournment lawyer for whom he printed wedding invitations.
(b) The tea-shop man.
(c) The forestry official.
(d) The police inspector he met on the bus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What person does Vasu bring into Nataraj's parlor?

2. How does Nataraj fear the housing affair with Vasu will end?

3. How does Nataraj feel about people coming through the blue curtain into the back of the press?

4. Why has the adjournment lawyer had a hard time financially?

5. What does Nataraj suddenly fear when Vasu carelessly answers his request for money?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the story of the house on Kabir Street?

2. What does Nataraj fear that Vasu will do in order to retaliate regarding the forestry officer and what does he do about it?

3. What business does Nataraj do when he is in Mempi?

4. What happens when Vasu returns, and what does he want to show Nataraj?

5. Explain how Vasu arranges to move into Nataraj's attic.

6. How does Vasu respond to Nataraj's first efforts to remove him from the attic?

7. When Nataraj goes into the attic with Vasu, what does he see? What transpires then between Vasu and Nataraj?

8. Who does Vasu bring to the press to meet Nataraj, and what happens?

9. How does Nataraj feel about Vasu living upstairs?

10. What is the friendship between Vasu and Nataraj like after Nataraj tells Vasu he will need the attic?

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