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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Sastri and Nataraj choose a day for the celebration?
(a) They choose the day of the Goddess.
(b) They ask when Kumar will be available.
(c) They choose day the press will be closed.
(d) They get an astrologer to fix the date.

2. What does Rangi say about her whereabouts the night of the procession?
(a) She had gone to Vasu when summoned and he was fine.
(b) She was at home with her grandma.
(c) She has many alibis because she was in the procession all night.
(d) She never saw Vasu that night.

3. What is the cause for the celebration that Sastri and Nataraj undertake?
(a) A seasonal festival.
(b) The completion of the poet's book.
(c) Vasu's departure.
(d) The recovery of Kumar.

4. What does Vasu offer Nataraj when he hears of the celebration, and what is Nataraj's reaction?
(a) Vasu offers to move out of the attic and Nataraj tells him he doesn't have to.
(b) Vasu offers ten rupees and Nataraj says he wants a hundred.
(c) Vasu offers Nataraj friendship and Nataraj willingly embraces it.
(d) Vasu offers Nataraj a stuffed animal for his parlour and Nataraj agrees.

5. What date do Nataraj and Sastri choose for the celebration?
(a) The only day the press had off.
(b) Kumar's birthday.
(c) The good day.
(d) The not so good day.

6. How is Thanappa, the postman, different than usual the morning after the procession?
(a) He is very late from sleeping in because he stayed up all night.
(b) He is full of gossip about the temple and the poem.
(c) He is could and disdainful to Nataraj.
(d) He usually chats for half hour before leaving the mail, but this morning he is all business.

7. What is the result of the police inspector's attempt to disarm Vasu?
(a) Vasu laughs at the inspector and brushes him off.
(b) The inspector has a dislocated wrist, Vasu has his guns and a broken bed.
(c) Vasu swears retribution on Nataraj and his friends.
(d) The inspector manages to take a gun, but Vasu as an illegal one still hidden in the room.

8. What does Nataraj remove from Vasu's apartment?
(a) The gun and Rangi's food bag.
(b) The green folder and the stuffed tiger cub.
(c) Rangi's food bag and the green folder.
(d) Vasu's purse and the stuffed tiger cub.

9. What does Rangi tell Nataraj when she comes to his home?
(a) Vasu has summoned her and she is afraid what he will do.
(b) She is concerned about Nataraj.
(c) All of the above.
(d) Her mother needs protection.

10. What does Nataraj unwittingly do in the crowd at the celebration?
(a) Scare Kumar.
(b) Warn the police inspector about Vasu.
(c) Yell for Vishnu to save Kumar loud enough that everyone hears it.
(d) Communicate in public with Rangi.

11. What undertaking does Vasu take over from the unwilling Nataraj for the celebration?
(a) Providing security.
(b) Collecting money.
(c) Gathering a crowd.
(d) Finding entertainment.

12. What does Nataraj first credit the tapping on the grill he hears to?
(a) The hyena.
(b) A ghost.
(c) Vasu.
(d) A faulty mechanism in the press.

13. What was the result from the coroner regarding Vasu's death?
(a) It was caused by a concussion on the right frontal lobe.
(b) It was of natural causes.
(c) It was self inflicted.
(d) He was poisened.

14. What does Vasu leave in Nataraj's possession after their discussion about money?
(a) His purse.
(b) A letter from his bank.
(c) A stack of crisp hundredd rupee bills.
(d) His car.

15. What did Rangi do to try to protect Kumar?
(a) She put sleeping pills in Vasu's food so he would sleep through the night.
(b) She tried to seduce Vasu to distract him from the procession.
(c) She told her devout cousins about Vasu's intent, and they murdered Vasu.
(d) She knocked Vasu on the head with the butt of his gun.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Vasu's death, how is business at the press? How does Nataraj spend his time?

2. Where does the group that leaves Nataraj's house go when they leave?

3. What does Nataraj speak with the adjournment lawyer about in their last conversation?

4. What causes the delay in the procession?

5. When Muthu comes to the press, what does he ask Nataraj for help with?

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