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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What date do Nataraj and Sastri choose for the celebration?
(a) Kumar's birthday.
(b) The only day the press had off.
(c) The not so good day.
(d) The good day.

2. Where does the police inspector hold the investigation into Vasu's death?
(a) In Nataraj's press.
(b) In Vasu's apartment.
(c) None of the above.
(d) In Mempi.

3. Why does K.J. come to the press?
(a) He is looking for Vasu.
(b) To inform Nataraj that Kumar is healed.
(c) His juice labels are long over due.
(d) To arrest Nataraj.

4. What does Nataraj try to do for the poet?
(a) Nataraj invites the poet to move into the attic.
(b) Nataraj tries to convince the poet to write another book.
(c) Nataraj tries to print a delux version of the poets book.
(d) Nataraj tries to give the poet the stuffed tiger cub.

5. What does Vasu come to talk to Nataraj about?
(a) Vasu wants Nataraj to fix something in the attic.
(b) Vasu wonders if he can use some of the outdoor space of the press for storage.
(c) Vasu wonders why he didn't receive a notice of the celebration.
(d) Vasu wonders how the printing of his book is going.

6. How is Thanappa, the postman, different than usual the morning after the procession?
(a) He is could and disdainful to Nataraj.
(b) He is full of gossip about the temple and the poem.
(c) He is very late from sleeping in because he stayed up all night.
(d) He usually chats for half hour before leaving the mail, but this morning he is all business.

7. What does Rangi tell Nataraj when she comes to his home?
(a) All of the above.
(b) Vasu has summoned her and she is afraid what he will do.
(c) She is concerned about Nataraj.
(d) Her mother needs protection.

8. How do Nataraj and Sastri raise money for the celebration?
(a) They charge Vasu rent.
(b) They sell copies of the book.
(c) They ask for donations.
(d) Nataraj charges extra on all printing jobs.

9. What undertaking does Vasu take over from the unwilling Nataraj for the celebration?
(a) Gathering a crowd.
(b) Finding entertainment.
(c) Collecting money.
(d) Providing security.

10. What does Sastri divulge about Rangi?
(a) She killed Vasu.
(b) She was the only one that could control Vasu.
(c) She knew the identity of the murderer.
(d) She was with Vasu when he died.

11. What does Rangi tell Nataraj about Vasu?
(a) Vasu is very ill.
(b) Vasu is slowly going crazy.
(c) Vasu plans to shoot Kumar at the parade.
(d) Vasu is planning on keeping the celebration money.

12. What does the chemical analysis determine about the food Rangi had left for Vasu?
(a) It came from a local restaurant.
(b) It was poisoned.
(c) It had no trace of poison.
(d) It had killed him.

13. What causes the delay in the procession?
(a) They go to pick up a golden headdress for Kumar.
(b) Rangi is late to take her place in front.
(c) Nataraj files permits for a different route.
(d) The police are trying to thwart Vasu.

14. As time goes by after Vasu's death, what does Nataraj convince himself of?
(a) That he was right to steal the stuffed tiger cub.
(b) That Vasu was a fearsome demon and not a man.
(c) That he might have killed Vasu.
(d) That Vasu had been a good friend.

15. How does Nataraj cope with K.J.?
(a) Nataraj has Sastri tell K.J. that Nataraj hasn't been in the press for two days.
(b) Nataraj asks K.J. for a donation towards the festival, and he gets uncomfortable and leaves.
(c) Nataraj returns K.J.'s money and tells him to take his business elsewhere.
(d) Nataraj presents a bill to K.J. for overdue services.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Sastri and Nataraj choose a day for the celebration?

2. Who killed Vasu and how?

3. What did the police find that they tried to discover the origins of?

4. Who is Kumar?

5. Why can't they change the path of the procession to avoid going by Vasu's window?

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