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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nataraj remove from Vasu's apartment?
(a) Rangi's food bag and the green folder.
(b) The gun and Rangi's food bag.
(c) The green folder and the stuffed tiger cub.
(d) Vasu's purse and the stuffed tiger cub.

2. While preparing for the celebration, how do Sastri and Nataraj keep up with work?
(a) They hire extra help.
(b) All of the above.
(c) They send all their customers next door to The Star.
(d) They work late every day on juice lables.

3. What does Rangi tell Nataraj about her future with Vasu?
(a) He has paid her in advance for her services for an entire year.
(b) They have no future plans and she will no longer come to him.
(c) Vasu has proposed marriage to her.
(d) He is going to take her away to Bombay where she will cook for him.

4. Who is Kumar?
(a) The mayor of Mempi.
(b) A wild elephant that has been seen around town.
(c) An elephant trainer of great repute.
(d) The temple elephant.

5. What is Nataraj's intent when he goes up to Vasu's room when the procession is about to come by?
(a) To attract attention so all may see who murdered Kumar.
(b) To kill Vasu.
(c) To reason with Vasu.
(d) To light a fire in the attic that will make is impossible for Vasu to stay there.

6. Who comes to visit Nataraj at home while he is resting?
(a) Muthu, Sen, and Rangi.
(b) Sen and the poet.
(c) Rangi
(d) Muthu, Sen, the poet, Dr Joshi, and Rangi.

7. What did Rangi do to try to protect Kumar?
(a) She tried to seduce Vasu to distract him from the procession.
(b) She knocked Vasu on the head with the butt of his gun.
(c) She put sleeping pills in Vasu's food so he would sleep through the night.
(d) She told her devout cousins about Vasu's intent, and they murdered Vasu.

8. Where does the police inspector hold the investigation into Vasu's death?
(a) In Nataraj's press.
(b) In Mempi.
(c) None of the above.
(d) In Vasu's apartment.

9. What is the debate at Mempi regarding Kumar?
(a) The debate is whether to make Kumar walk, sick as he is, to the doctor.
(b) The debate is over how much money the temple can spend on Kumar.
(c) The debate is over what to do about Vasu.
(d) The debate is about whether or not they can trust Nataraj.

10. Who is still good friends with Nataraj after Vasu's death?
(a) Sastri.
(b) Muthu.
(c) Sen.
(d) Rangi.

11. What does Nataraj unwittingly do in the crowd at the celebration?
(a) Scare Kumar.
(b) Communicate in public with Rangi.
(c) Yell for Vishnu to save Kumar loud enough that everyone hears it.
(d) Warn the police inspector about Vasu.

12. What does Nataraj offer Muthu right away when he recognizes him?
(a) To answer his questions about Vasu.
(b) To send money.
(c) To live in his house.
(d) To pay for the tea and buns he ate in Mempi.

13. What does Nataraj speak with the adjournment lawyer about in their last conversation?
(a) Nataraj demands the lawyer pay his printing debt.
(b) Nataraj wants the lawyer to defend him against criminal accusations.
(c) None of the above.
(d) Nataraj wants to know what he can do to protect himself against slander.

14. What does Vasu want Nataraj to do for him?
(a) Do a favor for the forestry officer.
(b) None of the above.
(c) Print a book he is writing on the preservation of wildlife.
(d) Fix the attic.

15. What is the general attitude of people towards Nataraj after Vasu's death?
(a) People said he should be taken to jail.
(b) People soon forgot the whole affair and life went back to normal.
(c) They avoided him.
(d) He was a town hero.

Short Answer Questions

1. What strikes Nataraj about the scene when he sees Vasu?

2. When Muthu comes to the press, what does he ask Nataraj for help with?

3. What was the general atmosphere of the community for days after Vasu's death?

4. What does Rangi say about her whereabouts the night of the procession?

5. What does Nataraj wonder about his wife and Babu on the day of the celebration?

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