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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Sastri and Nataraj choose a day for the celebration?
(a) They ask when Kumar will be available.
(b) They get an astrologer to fix the date.
(c) They choose day the press will be closed.
(d) They choose the day of the Goddess.

2. What is the cause for the celebration that Sastri and Nataraj undertake?
(a) A seasonal festival.
(b) The completion of the poet's book.
(c) The recovery of Kumar.
(d) Vasu's departure.

3. While preparing for the celebration, how do Sastri and Nataraj keep up with work?
(a) They hire extra help.
(b) All of the above.
(c) They work late every day on juice lables.
(d) They send all their customers next door to The Star.

4. What does Vasu leave in Nataraj's possession after their discussion about money?
(a) A letter from his bank.
(b) His purse.
(c) His car.
(d) A stack of crisp hundredd rupee bills.

5. As time goes by after Vasu's death, what does Nataraj convince himself of?
(a) That Vasu was a fearsome demon and not a man.
(b) That Vasu had been a good friend.
(c) That he was right to steal the stuffed tiger cub.
(d) That he might have killed Vasu.

6. What problem was encountered printing the poet's manuscript?
(a) They ran out of the letters K and R.
(b) They ran out of black ink and had to use magenta.
(c) They did not have the special binding to present the work to the temple.
(d) They had misplaced the original manuscript.

7. What does Vasu want Nataraj to do for him?
(a) Fix the attic.
(b) Print a book he is writing on the preservation of wildlife.
(c) None of the above.
(d) Do a favor for the forestry officer.

8. Where does Nataraj know the unexpected visitor from in the beginning of chapter seven?
(a) He is the police inspector from the bus.
(b) He is the tea-shop man from Mempi.
(c) He is a second cousin.
(d) He is the adjournment lawyer's assistant.

9. What is the state of the arrangements the morning of the celebration?
(a) Various performers cancelled and the procession might not happen.
(b) Everything is finalized and Nataraj can dedicate himself to the issue of Vasu.
(c) Nataraj dumps everything on Sastri so he can get some sleep.
(d) There are many things left to do and Nataraj barely has time even to wash.

10. What is the general attitude of people towards Nataraj after Vasu's death?
(a) People soon forgot the whole affair and life went back to normal.
(b) He was a town hero.
(c) They avoided him.
(d) People said he should be taken to jail.

11. What causes the delay in the procession?
(a) The police are trying to thwart Vasu.
(b) Nataraj files permits for a different route.
(c) They go to pick up a golden headdress for Kumar.
(d) Rangi is late to take her place in front.

12. What does Sastri do when he hears of Vasu's demise?
(a) Leaves on vacation.
(b) Nods knowingly.
(c) Says a prayer to the goddess.
(d) Removes the hyena from view.

13. What was the town saying about Nataraj after Vasu's death?
(a) That he had killed a rakshasa single handedly.
(b) That he should be elected to public office.
(c) That he should leave the neighborhood.
(d) That he had saved Kumar's life.

14. What does Nataraj remove from Vasu's apartment?
(a) Vasu's purse and the stuffed tiger cub.
(b) Rangi's food bag and the green folder.
(c) The gun and Rangi's food bag.
(d) The green folder and the stuffed tiger cub.

15. What date do Nataraj and Sastri choose for the celebration?
(a) The not so good day.
(b) The only day the press had off.
(c) Kumar's birthday.
(d) The good day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Rangi do to try to protect Kumar?

2. How do Nataraj and Sastri raise money for the celebration?

3. How does Nataraj get back to town?

4. What was the general atmosphere of the community for days after Vasu's death?

5. Who killed Vasu and how?

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