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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What help does Nataraj seek from Sen?
(a) Nataraj wants Sen to give a message to Vasu.
(b) Nataraj asks Sen to act as a go between him and the lawyer.
(c) Nataraj asks Sen how to defeat a rakshasa.
(d) Nataraj asks Sen to help him find the doctor for Kumar.

2. What sends Nataraj scurrying out of Vasu's room as the procession passes?
(a) The horror at what he just did.
(b) Concern for the crowd below.
(c) An alarm clock.
(d) Vasu's rage.

3. What does the chemical analysis determine about the food Rangi had left for Vasu?
(a) It had no trace of poison.
(b) It had killed him.
(c) It was poisoned.
(d) It came from a local restaurant.

4. How does Nataraj's wife feel about Rangi coming to see Nataraj at home?
(a) She wants Rangi to use the back door.
(b) She doesn't like it but understands.
(c) It makes her very angry.
(d) She is grateful for Rangi's help saving Kumar.

5. What date do Nataraj and Sastri choose for the celebration?
(a) The only day the press had off.
(b) Kumar's birthday.
(c) The not so good day.
(d) The good day.

6. What problem was encountered printing the poet's manuscript?
(a) They ran out of the letters K and R.
(b) They ran out of black ink and had to use magenta.
(c) They did not have the special binding to present the work to the temple.
(d) They had misplaced the original manuscript.

7. What is Nataraj's idea to keep Kumar safe?
(c) To take Vasu with him into the crowds where it will be hard for him shoot Kumar.

8. When Muthu comes to the press, what is his relationship with Vasu?
(a) He has only seen him a couple times.
(b) He is researching a legal case against him.
(c) They are no longer on speaking terms.
(d) They are working together.

9. What does Nataraj offer Muthu right away when he recognizes him?
(a) To send money.
(b) To pay for the tea and buns he ate in Mempi.
(c) To answer his questions about Vasu.
(d) To live in his house.

10. What reason does Sastri give for being delayed returning from his niece's wedding?
(a) He was investigating the murder.
(b) None of the above.
(c) He was staying away until the dust settled about Vasu.
(d) After the wedding they went on a pilgrimage.

11. Where does the police inspector hold the investigation into Vasu's death?
(a) In Mempi.
(b) In Vasu's apartment.
(c) In Nataraj's press.
(d) None of the above.

12. Who killed Vasu and how?
(a) None of the above.
(b) Muthu and other hunters struck him while he slept.
(c) Vasu killed himself slapping mosquitos on his forehead.
(d) Rangi poisoned Vasu.

13. What strikes Nataraj about the scene when he sees Vasu?
(a) That all his troubles are over.
(b) How terrible he looks.
(c) How his body fits in with the taxidermy.
(d) How much blood there was.

14. Which of the following best characterizes the effect of the police inspector on Vasu?
(a) Fear.
(b) Irritation.
(c) Lunacy.
(d) Intimidation.

15. How do Sastri and Nataraj choose a day for the celebration?
(a) They get an astrologer to fix the date.
(b) They ask when Kumar will be available.
(c) They choose day the press will be closed.
(d) They choose the day of the Goddess.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the result of the police inspector's attempt to disarm Vasu?

2. What does Nataraj remove from Vasu's apartment?

3. What was the general atmosphere of the community for days after Vasu's death?

4. What is the animal hospital like?

5. As time goes by after Vasu's death, what does Nataraj convince himself of?

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