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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the old Moslem tell Nataraj about his paper?
(a) He does not want it.
(b) It is too old and completely brown.
(c) He should store it differently.
(d) It is the best in the neighborhood.

2. What person does Vasu bring into Nataraj's parlor?
(a) An animal trainer.
(b) A forestry official.
(c) His fiancee.
(d) The prime minister.

3. How does Nataraj return to Malgudi from Mempi?
(a) By taxi.
(b) Vasu drives him back.
(c) An eight hour bus ride on credit.
(d) The tea-shop man gets him a ride with a relative.

4. In chapter one, what part of the life Nataraj lives do we see?
(a) All of the above.
(b) We see the history of the house on Kabir Street.
(c) We see the relationships Nataraj has with other people.
(d) We see what Nataraj's life is normally like.

5. How does Vasu end up in Nataraj's attic?
(a) He goes up to inspect the paper with the old moslem.
(b) He is curious and goes up when Nataraj is not looking.
(c) He is looking for Nataraj.
(d) He goes up to try to get rid of the scorpions and snakes.

6. What does Nataraj tell Vasu's friend about the printing job?
(a) That there is a long waiting period to get things printed.
(b) That it will be expensive to print.
(c) To make careful final revisions and then bring it back.
(d) That he needs to be paid up front.

7. Which of the following best describes the feelings of the poet about Vasu?
(a) Scornful.
(b) Jealous.
(c) Intimidated.
(d) Admiring.

8. What starts a friendly conversation between Nataraj and the tea-shop man?
(a) The tea-shop man needs to print some fliers.
(b) Both have been slighted by Vasu.
(c) The feast that Vasu has paid for.
(d) None of the above.

9. Who comes and wants to ask Nataraj questions about Vasu?
(a) The forestry officer.
(b) The septuagenarian.
(c) The adjournment lawyer.
(d) The police inspector.

10. What new problem brought on by Vasu bothers Sastri at the press?
(a) All of the above.
(b) The sound of Vasu's heavy boots pacing back and forth.
(c) Vasu driving away Sen and the poet.
(d) A stuffed hyena at the bottom of the stairs.

11. How do Sen and the poet react when Vasu comes into the parlor?
(a) Sen and the poet talk for hours with Vasu about his past.
(b) Sen and the poet argue incessantly with Vasu.
(c) Sen and the poet try to leave when Vasu comes.
(d) Sen and the poet anticipate Vasu's arrival and are despondent without him.

12. What is it that Vasu's guest wants printed?
(a) A book of a collection of philosophical ideas and virtues.
(b) A flier for a festival.
(c) Posters about poaching.
(d) Forestry rules and regulations.

13. What does Vasu ask of Nataraj in the attic?
(a) Vasu asks Nataraj to share the fee collected from the old moslem.
(b) Vasu asks Nataraj to store his professional equipment.
(c) Vasu asks Nataraj if he can live in the attic.
(d) Vasu asks Nataraj to think of him as family.

14. In the beginning of chapter two, what are Nataraj and Sastri printing?
(a) Business cards for a taxidermist.
(b) The daily newspaper.
(c) Colour labels for K.J.'s aerated drinks.
(d) Invitations to a festival.

15. How does Nataraj control the situation in his parlor?
(a) He sends Vasu out on frequent errands.
(b) He doesn't, he lets it unfold as it will.
(c) He removes the Queen Anne chair.
(d) He defends Sen and the poet all the time.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Nataraj feel silly in Mempi?

2. What does Vasu say when Sen criticizes Nehru?

3. Where is the village of Mempi?

4. How many people work with Nataraj at his press?

5. What are the dynamics between Vasu and the poet?

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