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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has the adjournment lawyer had a hard time financially?
(a) He is negligent about handling money.
(b) The people he helps can't pay their bills.
(c) Since his daughters wedding he has had to give many gifts to his in-laws.
(d) Few people seek legal council.

2. How is Vasu at keeping his appointment?
(a) He arrives early.
(b) He misses the time agreed on for him to return, but shows up fifteen days later.
(c) He keeps his engagements.
(d) He demands an appointment immediately the first time he wanders in.

3. What is it that Vasu's guest wants printed?
(a) A book of a collection of philosophical ideas and virtues.
(b) Forestry rules and regulations.
(c) Posters about poaching.
(d) A flier for a festival.

4. Nataraj denies that Vasu is a tenant, but claims he is what?
(a) An invader.
(b) A friend.
(c) A demon.
(d) A murderer.

5. What action does Vasu take regarding where he lives?
(a) He files a complaint against Nataraj as a landlord.
(b) He tries to hide his business so as to not bother anyone.
(c) He starts looking for a house.
(d) He threatens Nataraj against trying to evict him.

6. What is a rakshasa?
(a) A man-eating tiger.
(b) A small weasel like predator in the Mempi forest.
(c) A demoniac creature with strange powers that recognizes no restraints of man or God.
(d) A situation in which the person with true power is left powerless in the face of a lesser power with more conviction.

7. What does Nataraj admire about Vasu even when they are no longer friends?
(a) His independence.
(b) His work ethic and success as a taxidermist.
(c) His strength of character and ability to pursue his own will.
(d) His confidence in the face of danger.

8. Why must Nataraj stay hidden behind his blue curtain while the court is in session?
(a) So Sastri can screen his visitors.
(b) So that Vasu will not know he is there.
(c) Because the laywer has filed a petition to delay his summons saying he is out of town.
(d) So no one will interrupt his work.

9. Who interrupts Vasu and Nataraj's conversation? What is Vasu's reaction?
(a) Sastri interrupts them, and Vasu yells at him.
(b) A woman interrupts them, and Vasu falls respectfully silent when she approaches.
(c) Babu, Nataraj's son interrupts them, and Vasu brushes him off.
(d) The poet interrupts them, and Vasu ignores him.

10. What happened during the time Nataraj was studying at the Albert Mission?
(a) He was betrothed by his family to a girl he refused to marry.
(b) His grandfather passed away and his father inherited the ancestral home.
(c) The Star needed a new apprentice and offered him the position.
(d) He had many dreams about an elephant.

11. How does Nataraj control the situation in his parlor?
(a) He doesn't, he lets it unfold as it will.
(b) He defends Sen and the poet all the time.
(c) He removes the Queen Anne chair.
(d) He sends Vasu out on frequent errands.

12. After the court summons, what is the next thing official thing to arrive for Nataraj in a brown envelope?
(a) A bill from the lawyer for an extravagant amount of money.
(b) A notice of complaints from municipal authority about the sanitation of the tanning business at the press.
(c) The notice of a new date for the court hearing.
(d) None of the above.

13. How does the septuagenarian react when he hears Sastri's information?
(a) He blames Nataraj for covering for the offender.
(b) All of the above.
(c) He aks to go see Vasu himself.
(d) He says next Vasu will be pointing guns at children.

14. What is Nataraj working on when Vasu wants to take him on a jeep ride?
(a) Wedding invitations for the adjournment lawyer.
(b) The daily edition of the Star.
(c) Goldent Thoughts
(d) Labels for aerated soda.

15. What stories does Sastri tell Nataraj?
(a) Sastri tells stories about men who don't know their own powers.
(b) Sastri tells stories about how to kill a rakshasa.
(c) Sastri tells Nataraj about the falls of many seemingly invincible rakshasas.
(d) Sastri tells stories of how rakshasas bring down those of great might.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Star?

2. What does Nataraj call Vasu?

3. What starts a friendly conversation between Nataraj and the tea-shop man?

4. What does Sen like to discuss?

5. What advice does Nataraj receive about Vasu?

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