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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What stories does Sastri tell Nataraj?
(a) Sastri tells stories of how rakshasas bring down those of great might.
(b) Sastri tells stories about how to kill a rakshasa.
(c) Sastri tells Nataraj about the falls of many seemingly invincible rakshasas.
(d) Sastri tells stories about men who don't know their own powers.

2. What was lost when Nataraj's grandmother passed away?
(a) All documentation of Nataraj's existence.
(b) Family unity between the five brothers and their families.
(c) The ancestral home of the family.
(d) The stories of Nataraj's grandfather, an elephant handler.

3. Who comes and wants to ask Nataraj questions about Vasu?
(a) The forestry officer.
(b) The adjournment lawyer.
(c) The police inspector.
(d) The septuagenarian.

4. Why must Nataraj stay hidden behind his blue curtain while the court is in session?
(a) So no one will interrupt his work.
(b) So that Vasu will not know he is there.
(c) So Sastri can screen his visitors.
(d) Because the laywer has filed a petition to delay his summons saying he is out of town.

5. What does Nataraj use his parlor for?
(a) He keeps his printing machines in his parlour.
(b) All of the above.
(c) Nataraj lets any passerby who needs a rest have a seat in his parlour.
(d) He decorates his parlour with pictures so people think he has a family.

6. What is the relationship like between Nataraj and his neighbors?
(a) Cold and distant.
(b) Competitive and suspicious.
(c) Manipulative and deceiptful.
(d) Friendly and cordial.

7. What had lived before in the house on Kabir street?
(a) A taxidermist.
(b) Nataraj's extended family, consisting of four uncles and their families.
(c) A wealthy family that wanted Nataraj to marry their daughter.
(d) The owner of the Star.

8. What does Nataraj answer when Vasu asks him how many people he employs in his press?
(a) Just Sastri.
(b) I employ several specialists.
(c) As many as I need.
(d) Six people.

9. Which of the following most accurately portrays the conversations between Nataraj and Vasu as of chapter two?
(a) Succinct and professional.
(b) Abrasive and slightly hostile.
(c) Lengthy and thoughtful.
(d) Personal and private.

10. Which of the following best describes the relationship between Nataraj and Sastri?
(a) Sometimes Nataraj feels like the employee instead of the employer.
(b) Nataraj rules the press with an iron fist and drives Sastri hard.
(c) Sastri almost lives at the press because he has no family.
(d) Sastri and Nataraj share all tasks equally.

11. Nataraj denies that Vasu is a tenant, but claims he is what?
(a) A murderer.
(b) A friend.
(c) A demon.
(d) An invader.

12. Which of the following best describes the kind of man that Nataraj is?
(a) Ambitious and driven.
(b) Content, kind, and hard working.
(c) Emotional and easy to manipulate.
(d) Frivolous and vain.

13. What activity does Vasu start to engage in as his poaching becomes more difficult?
(a) Vasu starts yelling and threatening the neighborhood children.
(b) Vasu starts bullying people for money.
(c) None of the above.
(d) Vasu starts bringing women to the apartment.

14. What action does Vasu take regarding where he lives?
(a) He files a complaint against Nataraj as a landlord.
(b) He threatens Nataraj against trying to evict him.
(c) He tries to hide his business so as to not bother anyone.
(d) He starts looking for a house.

15. What does Nataraj call Vasu?
(a) His best friend.
(b) A man-eater.
(c) The life of his office.
(d) His tenant.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nataraj promise the Septuagenaraian in order to appease him?

2. How does Sastri change the conversation with the septuagenarian?

3. Why does Nataraj tell Vasu he must return another day to make decisions about his printing job?

4. What does Vasu ask of Nataraj in the attic?

5. What does Nataraj ask Vasu for at the tea-shop in Mempi?

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