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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nataraj answer when Vasu asks him how many people he employs in his press?
(a) Six people.
(b) As many as I need.
(c) I employ several specialists.
(d) Just Sastri.

2. How does Nataraj fear the housing affair with Vasu will end?
(a) With the loss of the friendship between him and Vasu.
(b) With Vasu living above the press forever.
(c) With Vasu murdering him.
(d) With him in jail and Vasu running the press as a museum.

3. What stories does Sastri tell Nataraj?
(a) Sastri tells Nataraj about the falls of many seemingly invincible rakshasas.
(b) Sastri tells stories about men who don't know their own powers.
(c) Sastri tells stories of how rakshasas bring down those of great might.
(d) Sastri tells stories about how to kill a rakshasa.

4. What starts a friendly conversation between Nataraj and the tea-shop man?
(a) Both have been slighted by Vasu.
(b) None of the above.
(c) The tea-shop man needs to print some fliers.
(d) The feast that Vasu has paid for.

5. How is Vasu at keeping his appointment?
(a) He keeps his engagements.
(b) He misses the time agreed on for him to return, but shows up fifteen days later.
(c) He arrives early.
(d) He demands an appointment immediately the first time he wanders in.

6. What profession did Vasu engage in earlier in life?
(a) None of the above.
(b) He was a monk in an isolated monastery.
(c) He was a strong man that performed at markets and fairs crushing granite and bending iron.
(d) He was a large game safari hunter that protected travelers as they crossed wilderness.

7. Which of the following best describes the relationship between Nataraj and Sastri?
(a) Sometimes Nataraj feels like the employee instead of the employer.
(b) Sastri almost lives at the press because he has no family.
(c) Nataraj rules the press with an iron fist and drives Sastri hard.
(d) Sastri and Nataraj share all tasks equally.

8. Who does Nataraj consult to help decide what to do about Vasu?
(a) Sen.
(b) All of the above.
(c) His wife.
(d) Kavi, the poet.

9. What is the state of the citrus tree behind the house on Kabir Street?
(a) It is flourishing.
(b) It was a great producer, but now only occasionally produces a couple fruits.
(c) Its produces an abundant crop that tastes bitter.
(d) It is withered and never bears any fruit.

10. Where is the office that Nataraj must visit?
(a) Over a cotton factory.
(b) All the way across town.
(c) In Mempi.
(d) Next door to the courthouse.

11. Who gives Nataraj cold looks when he runs into them on the street?
(a) His extended family.
(b) The politicians.
(c) The girl he spurned at the market.
(d) The owners of the Star.

12. What is Nataraj working on when Vasu wants to take him on a jeep ride?
(a) The daily edition of the Star.
(b) Labels for aerated soda.
(c) Goldent Thoughts
(d) Wedding invitations for the adjournment lawyer.

13. What does Nataraj say about Vasu's proposal in the attic?
(a) Nataraj never answers but Vasu moves in anyway.
(b) Nataraj is against the idea.
(c) Nataraj is ecstatic about his friend having a reason to be there more often.
(d) Nataraj debates carefully and decided the extra income would be beneficial.

14. What is it that Vasu's guest wants printed?
(a) Forestry rules and regulations.
(b) A book of a collection of philosophical ideas and virtues.
(c) Posters about poaching.
(d) A flier for a festival.

15. What does Nataraj promise the Septuagenaraian in order to appease him?
(a) To get a new puppy for his grandson.
(b) To have Vasu evicted.
(c) To propose a law against guns.
(d) To speak to Vasu.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nataraj admire about Vasu even when they are no longer friends?

2. What does Nataraj use his parlor for?

3. What does Vasu want printed?

4. What does Vasu say when Sen criticizes Nehru?

5. What is Nataraj's reaction to the problem the septuagenarian presents?

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