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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first action of Vasu in The Man-eater of Malgudi?
(a) The first action of Vasu is to threaten Nataraj.
(b) The first action of Vasu is to barge through the curtain, violating the traditions of Nataraj's press.
(c) The first action of Vasu is to order a large printing job.
(d) The first action of Vasu is to show Nataraj a selection of his work.

2. How much room does Nataraj need for his printing press?
(a) He can just squeeze everything into the place he has.
(b) The back room of the place he owns.
(c) He uses the back wall of his home where he can line up the machines.
(d) A shop downtown with three rooms.

3. Who interrupts Vasu and Nataraj's conversation? What is Vasu's reaction?
(a) Sastri interrupts them, and Vasu yells at him.
(b) The poet interrupts them, and Vasu ignores him.
(c) A woman interrupts them, and Vasu falls respectfully silent when she approaches.
(d) Babu, Nataraj's son interrupts them, and Vasu brushes him off.

4. What is Nataraj's poet friend trying to accomplish?
(a) Nataraj's poet friend wants Nataraj to marry his sister.
(b) Nataraj's poet friend is writing the life of Krishna is monsyllabic verse.
(c) Nataraj's poet friend is determined to prove Nataraj has no family.
(d) Nataraj's poet friend is documenting the life of the town in poems.

5. How does Nataraj control the situation in his parlor?
(a) He defends Sen and the poet all the time.
(b) He removes the Queen Anne chair.
(c) He sends Vasu out on frequent errands.
(d) He doesn't, he lets it unfold as it will.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Vasu ask of Nataraj in the attic?

2. What move was taken to preserve peace between the five brothers and their families?

3. What had lived before in the house on Kabir street?

4. Which of the following best describes Vasu's presence in the parlor?

5. What does Sen like to discuss?

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