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Malgudi - A small, imaginary town most likely located in southern India, this location serves as the setting for most of the story.

Kabir Street - The location of Nataraj's house.

Queen Anne Chair - A spot in the foyer of Nataraj's press that is desired by multiple parties and which Vasu insists on occupying.

Nehru - The Prime Minister of India during the mid-twentieth century.

Heidelberg - Another printing press owned by Nataraj's neighbor, the Star press.

The Blue Curtain - This divides the press's inner workings from the eyes of outsiders. The division caused will slowly diminish, fading completely by the end of the book. It separates the inner sanctum from his outer world. Second, it is a partition, which relates to the movement that divides India in 1947. This movement divides Pakistan into two parts, decreeing that the Muslims occupy the western portion, while the...

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