The Man-Eater of Malgudi Fun Activities

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Political Commentary or Satire

Choose your medium--cartoon, short story or otherwise--and prepare a work that comments on a current political issue. Be prepared to present your project to the class.

Illustrate a Rakshasa

Choose a rakshasa from one of the popular texts and illustrate it according to its description. Include a quote of its description and its name with your work to help identify it.

Defeating a Man-eater

Make up your own story of a rakshasa, or man-eater, and how said rakshasa was defeated. Model your story after the mythologies of defeated man-eaters, and have your hero use cleverness and wit to aid their victory.

International Project

Write a newspaper article about a real or fictitious international project that has gone terribly wrong. Cover in your article the various things that went wrong and why.

A Poem in Monosyllabic Verse

The poet in the Man-eater of Malgudi publishes...

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