The Man-Eater of Malgudi Character Descriptions

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This man is the owner of a small printing press located in Malgudi. He enjoys his position as boss, so much so that he separates his press with a blue curtain, assuring that his customers will not see him lowered to a handyman position beneath his assistant.


This person is a thick-necked strongman who runs a taxidermy business. He is well educated, traveled and experienced. He moves into the apartment above the press and immediately begins poaching animals from Mempi forest. This person is Narayan's version of a "rakshasa," a demonic creature of folklore that brings about its own destruction.


This character is a journalist who frequents the front parlor of the press. He spends most of his time discussing the political movements of the Prime Minister, Nehru.

The Poet Kavi

This character spends most of his days at the press. He writes a tribute...

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