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Chapter 1

• Nataraj, the owner of a small printing press, spends his days conversing with the individuals who lounge in the front room of his store, a poet and Sen, a journalist.

• The poet is translating Krishna's life into monosyllabic verse.

• Sen talks incessantly about the mistakes of the president, Nehru.

• Nataraj's only employee is an old and loyal typesetter named Sastri.

• One morning, like all mornings, Nataraj bathes and washes his clothes in the river, cordially greeting various people as he comes and goes.
• On his return trip from the river, Nataraj encounters several individuals with whom he is acquainted, including a cousin, who dislikes him, and a septuagenarian.

• Nataraj is disliked by his extended family because of an incident that occurred after the passing of his grandmother.

• His extended family, which amounts to fifteen people, had at one time lived under the same roof in their ancestral...

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