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Oscar Hijuelos
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Cesar's guitar?
(a) At his home.
(b) In the cellar at the restaurant.
(c) Upstairs in Don's apartment.
(d) In the kitchen at the restaurant.

2. Why is Cesar hospitalized?
(a) His organs are failing.
(b) He cannot stop being violently ill.
(c) He has a heart attack.
(d) He has passed out.

3. What is one reason why Mariela does not want to leave Cuba?
(a) She is not involved as an artistic director of a ballet company.
(b) She does not want to be near her father.
(c) She trusts Fidel Castro.
(d) She does not want to leave her mother.

4. For what does Cesar invite his nephew?
(a) Dinner and drinks.
(b) A mambo lesson.
(c) A night out at the clubs.
(d) A performance.

5. What takes its toll on Cesar?
(a) Being alone.
(b) Not sleeping.
(c) Maintaining his regular job and running The Club Havana.
(d) Not eating.

6. Where does Cesar play most frequently?
(a) The Risoteria Restaurant.
(b) The Mamey Tree Restaurant.
(c) Joe's Pizzeria.
(d) The Tree Restaurant.

7. About what does Cesar continue to reminisce?
(a) His daughter.
(b) People and events in his life.
(c) His life in Cuba.
(d) Maria.

8. Who is Cesar's hardest goodbye?
(a) Delores.
(b) Eugenio.
(c) Leticia.
(d) Fernando.

9. Who does Cesar date for awhile?
(a) Celia.
(b) Sarah.
(c) Mia.
(d) Jackie.

10. What is important to Cesar, regarding Eugenio?
(a) That Eugenio inherit his wealth.
(b) He know how much Cesar loves him.
(c) He not inherit his father's depression.
(d) He find a good woman to marry.

11. What is Cesar's excuse for his actions?
(a) He is interested in pretty women.
(b) It is way past time for her to have enjoyed sex.
(c) He only likes young women.
(d) He has heard she has a beautiful voice.

12. What about the woman next door catches Cesar's attention?
(a) She has a strange accent.
(b) He is struck by her beauty.
(c) She is unusual.
(d) She is very tall.

13. From what is Cesar unable to stop himself?
(a) The inappropriate behavior with Carmen.
(b) Arguing with Don.
(c) Overeating.
(d) Drinking.

14. Why does Perez convert the club?
(a) He want to venture into something new.
(b) He wants to recoup his financial losses.
(c) He does not like mambo music.
(d) He wants to offend Cesar.

15. What does Cesar teach?
(a) Trumpet.
(b) The mambo.
(c) The salsa.
(d) Piano.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Celia and Cesar's relationship?

2. Into what does Perez convert the club?

3. What theme is very clear in this part?

4. Why would Fernando like to help Cesar?

5. What does Cesar do to the forty-year-old woman?

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