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Oscar Hijuelos
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Cesar hospitalized?
(a) He has passed out.
(b) His organs are failing.
(c) He has a heart attack.
(d) He cannot stop being violently ill.

2. Why is the club suffering financial loss?
(a) It did not pass the safety inspection.
(b) Cesar has been too generous.
(c) No one is interested in mambo music.
(d) It suffered a fire.

3. Who is Cesar's hardest goodbye?
(a) Leticia.
(b) Delores.
(c) Eugenio.
(d) Fernando.

4. What does Cesar do in his basement workshop?
(a) Mourns the changes which are now running rampant in Cuba.
(b) He teaches Eugenio how to work with wood.
(c) He is building an altar for the neighborhood church.
(d) He watches television.

5. How do Mariela and her mother live comfortably in Cuba?
(a) Mariela's mother is paid very well for her work.
(b) Mariela's stepfather makes a six-figure salary.
(c) Mariela is close with Fidel Castro.
(d) Mariela's stepfather is an official close to the Castro regime.

6. What is Cesar's excuse for his actions?
(a) He only likes young women.
(b) He has heard she has a beautiful voice.
(c) It is way past time for her to have enjoyed sex.
(d) He is interested in pretty women.

7. What leads Cesar to hire Eugenio to help with maintenance at the apartment building?
(a) Exhaustion.
(b) More work than usual.
(c) A new management company.
(d) New tenants.

8. About what does Cesar worry?
(a) Eugenio is lonely.
(b) Eugenio is not successful in his career.
(c) Eugenio has inherited his father's melancholy.
(d) Eugenio will miss him.

9. What does Cesar want for Mariela?
(a) To stay in Cuba.
(b) To live with him.
(c) To be released from the strict regime of the revolution.
(d) To find a more stable career.

10. What does The Club Havana do for Cesar?
(a) It gives him a place to play.
(b) It causes stress in his life.
(c) It gives him an income.
(d) It energizes his lagging spirits.

11. What theme is very clear in this part?
(a) Family.
(b) Self-destruction.
(c) Love.
(d) Certainty in celebrity.

12. How does Cesar respond to her efforts?
(a) He begins to give in.
(b) He laughs at them.
(c) He resists them.
(d) He gives in.

13. What continues in Cesar's life?
(a) His love for Delores.
(b) His relationship with Celia.
(c) His communication with Eugenio.
(d) The string of women.

14. What is one reason why Mariela does not want to leave Cuba?
(a) She does not want to leave her mother.
(b) She does not want to be near her father.
(c) She is not involved as an artistic director of a ballet company.
(d) She trusts Fidel Castro.

15. What does she do to Cesar?
(a) She leaves him.
(b) She cheats on him.
(c) She punches him.
(d) She pushes him into a chair and restrains him with rope.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cesar learn about the renovated club?

2. For what are these musicians searching?

3. What does this woman want?

4. Who enter Cesar's life thrilled to be with the famous Cesar Castillo?

5. How does Cesar known Bernardito Mendelbaum?

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