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Oscar Hijuelos
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nestor hope a family life will do?
(a) Bring him more honor.
(b) Help him settle down.
(c) Make him feel more at home in New York City.
(d) Erase any traces of Maria from his mind.

2. What does Delores prepare for the guests?
(a) Huge plates of Cuban food.
(b) An all-American meal.
(c) A performance.
(d) A place to stay the night.

3. Where is Cesar sitting as the story switches perspective?
(a) In a director's chair.
(b) In the Hotel Splendour.
(c) On the beach.
(d) In his kitchen.

4. How does Cesar try to help his brother?
(a) He has him put on anti-anxiety medication.
(b) He takes him for massages and herbal cleansings.
(c) He takes him to a therapist.
(d) He gives him money.

5. What can Nestor not get out of his head?
(a) Thoughts of Maria.
(b) Thoughts of Delores.
(c) His desire to go home to Cuba.
(d) A new song he has written.

6. What does Nestor carry with him always as a reminder of Maria?
(a) The sheet music for her song.
(b) A bottle of her perfume.
(c) A lock of her hair.
(d) Her picture.

7. What do Cesar and Nestor escape in 1949?
(a) The rise of the new dictatorship.
(b) A civil war.
(c) Imprisonment.
(d) An abusive father.

8. What is realized over drinks?
(a) Perez Prado and Tito Puente both played with Julian.
(b) Benny More plays on the "I Love Lucy" show.
(c) Desi Arnaz is from the same area as the Castillo brothers.
(d) The owner of the club does not want them to return.

9. How does Nestor feel about his celebrity?
(a) He enjoys it.
(b) He is plagued by depression.
(c) He basks in it.
(d) He loves it but misses his family.

10. How does Nestor act in California?
(a) He is more wild than Cesar.
(b) He does not stray from his marriage vows, due to a sense of duty to Delores.
(c) He stays in the hotel room the entire time.
(d) He beds as many women as possible.

11. To where does Maria move?
(a) A little house with the man who had been beating her up on the night Nestor came to her rescue.
(b) The other side of Cuba to escape Nestor.
(c) America.
(d) Back to her family's home, away from Nestor.

12. Why does Nestor marry Delores?
(a) He loves her more than he loved Maria.
(b) Out of duty.
(c) She is his best friend.
(d) Out of love.

13. What do the Castillos do?
(a) Perform a song that made them popular.
(b) Buy a pizzeria.
(c) Audition for Broadway.
(d) Work in a factory.

14. Who is waiting for the same bus as Nestor?
(a) Maria Suarez.
(b) Luisa Garcia.
(c) Erika Sanchez.
(d) Delores Fuentes.

15. What do the other band members suggest to Cesar?
(a) He take a vacation.
(b) He move back to Cuba.
(c) He find more engagements for the band.
(d) He quit the band.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Cesar's intention?

2. Why does Delores's father leave Cuba and his wife?

3. What is the most important aspect of being in Julian's band, according to Cesar?

4. For what are the Castillos unprepared after leaving Havana?

5. What kind of advice does Cesar give Nestor?

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