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Oscar Hijuelos
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By what is Cesar plagued?
(a) The desire to gamble.
(b) Bouts of depression.
(c) Heart trouble.
(d) Melancholy in the loss of his daughter, who lives with her mother in Havana.

2. What does Pablo say makes a man happy?
(a) Money and power.
(b) Friends and fans.
(c) Love and family.
(d) Fame and fortune.

3. What does Delores usually do in the evenings?
(a) Read books.
(b) Go to night school.
(c) Work.
(d) Go out dancing.

4. Why are they in this city?
(a) To play for a huge British following.
(b) To perform in the House of Blues.
(c) They have been deported.
(d) To appear on the "I Love Lucy" show.

5. With whom is Nestor standing in all their youthful prowess?
(a) Desi Arnaz.
(b) Lucille Ball.
(c) Anita Lopez.
(d) Cesar Chavez.

6. How does Cesar feel about his celebrity?
(a) He basks in it.
(b) He is ashamed of it.
(c) He worries about losing it.
(d) He is unsure about it.

7. To where does Nestor invite the girl?
(a) A movie.
(b) The Imperial Ballroom.
(c) His home.
(d) The park.

8. When does Nestor first meet Maria?
(a) In a coffee shop.
(b) At a Cuban club.
(c) When she and another man are fighting.
(d) In school.

9. Who greets the Mambo Kings at the Mambo Nine Club?
(a) Desi Arnaz and his wife, Lucille Ball.
(b) Benny More.
(c) Perez Prado and Tito Puente.
(d) The owner of the club.

10. What does Cesar do for his daughter?
(a) He sends her to presitigious American boarding schools.
(b) He sends cards and gifts regularly and flies to Havana to see her.
(c) He sends money to her mother, so she may attend the best schools.
(d) He does not do much, because he is so busy.

11. Why does Delores's father leave Cuba and his wife?
(a) He tries to make a better life for his family.
(b) He earns money to send back to his wife.
(c) He seeks joy in his life.
(d) He wants to be in America so desperately.

12. What does Nestor hope a family life will do?
(a) Make him feel more at home in New York City.
(b) Erase any traces of Maria from his mind.
(c) Help him settle down.
(d) Bring him more honor.

13. For what are the Castillos unprepared after leaving Havana?
(a) A harsh government.
(b) Being deported back to Havana.
(c) The trouble of getting to America.
(d) The harsh realities of life in New York City.

14. What do Cesar and Nestor escape in 1949?
(a) A civil war.
(b) An abusive father.
(c) Imprisonment.
(d) The rise of the new dictatorship.

15. Why does he stray from her?
(a) He loves another woman, named Maria.
(b) She has betrayed him, and he wants to get revenge.
(c) He no longer loves her.
(d) His Latin masculinity, claiming infidelity is the right of the Cuban man.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is realized over drinks?

2. Of what is there no hope for Nestor and Maria?

3. Where are the Mambo Kings hugely popular?

4. How is their performance?

5. Why does Cesar keep the Mambo Kings together?

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