The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love Fun Activities

Oscar Hijuelos
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I Love Lucy

Watch several episodes of the "I Love Lucy" show. Write the reason the author might have chosen this show as an important aspect of the novel.

Desi Arnaz

Research his life, and write a one-page report about him.

Desi Arnaz and the Mambo Kings

Create a Venn Diagram comparing Desi Arnaz to the Mambo Kings.

The Mambo

Research mambo music, and create a five-minute presentation. Make sure to include historical facts, famous musicians and dancers, and a sample of the music and/or dance.

Learning How to Play the Mambo

Bring in a music teacher in to give a lesson on aspects of mambo music. Have each student learn how to play an instrument used in mambo music and give a short performance.

The Mambo Dance

Have a dance instructor teach the students the mambo. The students will then choreograph a one-minute dance, incorporating the...

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